NCW 2020 Closing Ceremony

NCW Closing Ceremony

Saturday, October 31st, 2020 at 3:00PM

Closing Ceremony and Face Painting Contest!

The rules for winning prizes:

We will be handing out prizes at our closing ceremony on Saturday at 3PM. The prizes will be for: perfect attendance, asking questions at the seminars (to the speakers), pKa game, face painting competition, and raffle prizes at our closing ceremony (must be present to win).
To win prizes for attendance, please enter your name at the start of each seminar/activity and again before you leave at the close of each activity/seminar.
Prizes include $15 Grubhub gift cards and chemistry stickers (stickers will be mailed to your address). 


Science requires creativity! What better way to show off your creative skills than to participate in our face painting competition!!

Face Painting Contest

Do you want to participate in the face painting competition?

To register for all NCW events including the closing ceremony and participate in the face painting contest, click here.

Simply paint your face for the closing ceremony and sign up here to participate!

Faculty judges will judge you on the following categories: most creative, most silly/funny, most scary and most scientific. See examples of each categore below. To qualify, you may paint your own face or someone else's face (but all work must be your own). You must be present during judging to explain your work of art. NOTE: if you paint your little brother's face, be sure he is a willing participant!










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