FAQs Terrific and Scientific

What is Terrific and Scientific?

Terrific and Scientific is a student-organized outreach event geared towards elementary school children. It is a chemistry “magic” show where our Chemistry & Biochemistry Club members carry out various science demonstrations. The show is meant to help foster a curiosity for science. We invite children from local elementary school kids to be our audience. The show typically lasts about 1 hr.

When will it take place? How much does it cost? Who is Welcome?

Terrific and Scientific will take place on Thursday, May 30th, 2019 at 11am in King Hall Lecture Hall 1. The event is FREE and EVERYONE is welcome!

Why do we do this?

We want to instill an appreciation for science in children so that they learn that science can be fun and not scary! In addition, we want children to know that they too can have careers in science. Finally, we believe that the scientific method creates a blend of curiosity and critical thinking that is essential to our society. Even if the kids don’t particularly like science, we want to help foster these skills so that they grow up to be adults who are curious, ask questions, and can understand many of the complex scientific issues impacting our society.

Why should Cal State LA students get involved?

As a student, you will make new friends, learn to work in a collaborative team, make a difference on our campus, and use your love of science to encourage young children! You will grow professionally by gaining project management skills and learning to speak in front of a large audience.

How can you get involved?

If you are a current or former CalStateLA student, we need your help! Even if you are not able to attend the actual event you can help us with various aspects of this event including: promoting and recruiting student volunteers, contributing to set decorating, suggesting music as part of the show, creating handouts for the kids, making a program, securing the supplies needed for each of the demonstrations, crowd control, and more!

If you are a faculty member who does research on campus, please join us! Send us students or open up your lab so that we can expose young children to STEM!

If you are a teacher and would like to bring your students to campus, please email Dr. Cecilia Zurita-Lopez: zuritalopez (at) calstatela.edu