7 Questions to Ask as you Prepare for a Job in Industry

Temporary imageJoin us on Monday, May 10th  2021 via Zoom

4:30-6:00 pm

We will host a panel from the Los Angeles Takeda Manufacturing Facility, including Cal State LA Alumnus Vivian Medina, Ph.D.

To register and receive a Zoom link for this event, please click here. Join us! Students who attend this event will receive a free T-shirt!

About our Panelists:

Rosa Beltran, BS, Systems Operation Management, 20 yrs, Supervisor Quality Assurance

Jarrod Hanson, Ph.D, Biomedical Engineering, 7 yrs, Manager Manufacturing Sciences Lab

Rafael Ibarra, BS, Biochemistry, 3 yrs, Head of Quality Control Laboratories

Vivian Medina, Ph.D, Systems Biology and Disease, 8 yrs, Digital Data Sciences Manager

Dindi Whitmore, BS, Biology, 10 yrs, Sr. Laboratory Scientist


About Takeda: Takeda is a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company located in Los Angeles that produces lifesaving medicine from human plasma which equates to exciting career opportunities for local science majors especially in chemistry and biochemistry.


In the fall of 2019, Takeda supported our Cal State LA community by sponsering a Back to School Social.

They are now back to support students like you! They want to help you find a good job after you graduate!

Takeda Representatives that the CSULA Career Fair

Takeda representatives at our Cal State LA Career Fair

At this meeting, you will learn tips that will help you prepare for a job. Including answers to these questions:

  1. What types of things should you be doing now, prior to graduation? You will receive advice on how you can better prepare yourself before entering the job market.

  2. Have you considered a job in the Pharmaceutical Industry? You will receive an overview of Takeda and the types of jobs/positions typically found within a pharmaceutical company.

  3. What is Takeda like? Join us for a virtual tour of the Quality Control laboratory and Manufacturing areas of the company.

  4. Are there internships available for current students? You will receive an “Internship Timeline” for students who are not graduating this year but who would like internship experience.

  5. Is your resume industry ready?  You will receive advice on how to build a resume to improve your chances of getting your foot in the door.

  6. What should students look for in a company? What makes a company good? Learn about Takeda’s work culture, including Business Resource Groups: IMPACTO, Women at Takeda, etc.

  7. What types of skills are necessary for entry-level jobs? An open discussion and lots of advice so that you can focus on marketable skills. Also, look for positions year-round at www.takedajobs.com

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