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Meet our team officers!

M.A.R.S. Club's Adviser

Dr. Maryam Tofighi
Dr. Maryam Tofighi
M.A.R.S Club's Advisor, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. Maryam Tofighi joined the College as an Assistant Professor of Marketing. Maryam earned her Ph.D. in Marketing from Concordia University, Canada. Her primary research and teaching interests are in the areas of marketing analytics, marketing research, sustainability and social responsibility in marketing, as well as retailing and merchandising, consumer behavior, and brand management. Prior to joining academia, she worked for two years in the sales and marketing departments of multiple companies in IT consulting and consumer packaged goods industry.

M.A.R.S Club's Executive Board Members

Vanesa Torres

Vanesa is a Cal State LA senior-standing student who holds the position of President for M.A.R.S. She is currently in the process of completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in marketing, alongside being an active member in two prestigious honor societies on campus based on her excellent academic achievement. She aspires to reach her career goals through her education and experience in the marketing field. In addition, she is a hard working and dedicated student who is eager to share her passion for marketing with her peers and colleagues.

Destiny Calderon
Vice President

Destiny is currently an undergraduate student at Cal State LA, aspiring to reach her bachelor’s degree in Marketing, with a minor in Real Estate. She recently discovered her interest in consumer research and would like to share the fascination with her peers. She is prepared to show what she is capable of with her passion for public speaking, research, and psychology. “With the love of Marketing and the love of Mexican food, welcome to M.A.R.S!”

Christian Martinez

Christian is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and a Minor in Economics.  He has experience in retail, customer service and sales.  Christian is heavily infolved in Student life at CSULA as he is also currently involved with Multicultural Greek student life alongside his position of Webmaster with the M.A.R.S. Club.   His interests include understanding and predicting consumer behavior with the power of marketing analytics.

Francis Laborte
Marketing Director

Francis is currently an undergraduate student at CSULA, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management with a minor in Economics. He currently holds the position as Marketing Director for M.A.R.S. As a young child influenced by commercials he saw on TV, he now seeks to understand the behavior of consumers, what makes them act, and how digital media can be a major influencer. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering and playing music. He will never be done learning new things and looks forward to sharing his interests in research with all of his peers.

Lidia Tadesse

Lidia is a current Cal State LA senior pursuing her bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. She holds the secretary position of M.A.R.S. She plans on working in marketing specifically in entertainment with music and television. She enjoys traveling to new places and learning about cultures and hopes to be able to travel in her work. Her plan is to keep in contact with M.A.R.S. as an alumni to help other marketing students on their path.

Chelsea Zelaya
Event Coordinator

Chelsea Zelaya is an undergraduate pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Economics. She is fascinated by consumer behavior research after learning how to use Simply Analytics in her Consumer Behavior class. She hopes to get students aware of the importance of including analytical skills and its softwares in their toolbox for today’s job market. As the great Mister Rogers once said “There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.”

Diego Hernandez
Content Marketing Director

Diego is currently an undergraduate student at Cal State LA pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and a Minor in Economics. As an aspiring photographer, and filmmaker, spreading messages to the world in a visual manner is what he enjoys best. His interests include graphic design, understanding consumer behavior, and digital marketing. He is excited to share the power of marketing analytics with you all.

M.A.R.S Club's Former Executive Board Members

Karan Kaura
Karan Kaura
President (October 2017 - June 2018)

Karan earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business from Panjab University, India. He went on to complete an M.B.A in Marketing and Finance from Amity University. After working in Banking industry in the field of marketing and portfolio management for almost 5 years he joined M.S. Information Systems program at CAL State L.A., to get the technical insight of the business world. He has a particular interest in Business and Marketing Analytics and has done a few projects in the same field.

Evelyn Rumbo
Vice President / Secretary (October 2017 - June 2018)

Evelyn is an undergraduate student at Cal State LA, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in marketing. Her interests include marketing research; both quantitative and qualitative, consumer behavior, marketing analytics, and digital marketing. She enjoys creative thinking and hopes to share her passion for marketing with you!

Dionicia Nava
Marketing Director (October 2017 - June 2018)

Dionicia is a current senior at Cal State LA, pursuing her bachelor's in Marketing. she is an active member of the Los Angeles ALPFA chapter. She enjoys volunteering any chance she gets and being a part of planning, organizing and executing as many events as possible. She is looking forward to sharing her traveling experiences and passion for marketing with everyone.

Karizz Fabros
Social Event Coordinator (February 2018 - June 2018)

Karizz is a creative thinker, avid learner, and research finder with a keen interest in consumer behavior and pop culture. She loves to discover reasonings behind phenomena as well as provide insights to problem solving. She aims to play a part in cultivating tomorrow’s ideas that will close gaps and make significant impacts in the world. She lives through the words of the late Albert Einstein, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”

Clement Baptiste
Vice President (October 2017 - December 2017)

Clement is a Bay Area native and currently an undergraduate student at Cal State LA, pursuing his bachelor's degree in marketing. He is interested in marketing research and how evolving forms of technology and communication are impacting consumer behavior. Working for a PR agency, he enjoys research and creative writing for clients in design, AI, and consumer packaged goods.