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Glossaries are a collection of terms and phrases.  Most commonly it is used as a way to organize the definitions of words and phrases.  By enabling “auto-link,” when a glossary shows up in another activity, there will be a link to the glossary—where the student can see the definition.  Glossaries can also be used as a way for students to add assigned words and phrases, or as a way for students to add words that they have not previously encountered—for the benefit of the rest of the class.


Glossary can be used in many ways. The entries can be searched or browsed in different formats.

  • As a collaborative activity
  • Restricted to entries made by the instructor

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How to Create a Glossary

  1. Log in to your course.
  2. Click on the Administration Gear Icon on the top right of your course.
  3. Click Turn editing on
  4. Find the section on your course homepage where the Glossary will be displayed.
  5. Click Add an activity or resource.
  6. Scroll down in the Add an activity or resource window.
  7. Click the button next to the Glossary activity.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Add a Name and Description for the Glossary.
  10. Click on the question mark next to Glossary type to read about the difference between a Main glossary and a Secondary glossary. Select the appropriate Glossary type.
  11. Set the desired parameters for the Glossary.

NOTE: Glossaries can be graded using a ratings system.

  1. Click Save and return to course.

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How to Add an Entry to a Glossary

  1. Log in to your course.
  2. Find the Glossary.
  3. Click on the Glossary title.
  4. Click Add a new entry.
  5. Add the Concept (word/term/phrase/name).
  6. Add a Definition for the Concept.

NOTE: Keywords or files can be attached to entries (e.g. an image to go along with the concept). Auto-linking (when the entry links to places in the course where the Concept is mentioned) could also be enabled for a given Concept.

  1. Click Save changes.

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