In facilitation, students set the concentrated efforts to self-learn and the facilitator merely simplifies when the student is trapped in the learning struggles. Please contact our facilitator to schedule a one-on-one Zoom session with you! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] 

Fall 2021 Facilitation Schedule

Name Contact Courses Availability Zoom
Ericka Pelaez

 [email protected]

Biochemistry 4310
Biochemistry 4320
CHEM 4890

T: 4pm-5pm
TH: 4pm-5pm

Zoom ID: 8806 451 1086
Passcode: WnN8sC

Mayra Lopez

[email protected]

Biol 3000
Biol 3500
Biol 4390
Chem 3200

F: 5PM-6:30 PM

Zoom ID: 8858 154 5633

Abby Senga

(323) 538-1053
[email protected]

Chem 3000

W: 8am-10am
TH: 8am-10am
F: 8am-10am

Zoom ID: 284 870 8085

Sandy Gregorio

323-353-3216 [email protected]

Biol 3600
Biol 3200
Biol 3400
Biol 3401

W: 4:30pm-5:30pm
F: 4pm-5pm

Zoom ID: 8228 130 1639

Need help with other courses not available on LSAMP, please visit the Center of Academic Success for more tutoring resources. 

Fall 2021 Supplemental Instruction 

LSAMP is offering supplemental instruction for the courses below. We will be having Supplemental Instructors (SI) that are embedded into the class. This means that they will be attending every lecture in order to know what concepts are being presented. They will then facilitate an SI workshop on Fridays to review those concepts with you, as well as work on practice problems, etc. Please email [email protected] if you are registered for one of the courses and want to participate in the SI workshop on Fridays. 

Name Contact Courses Availability
Emanuel Luevano

[email protected]

Chem 2200
Section: 93212
M/W: 4:30-5:45PM

F: 10am-11am

Yvanna Escobar

[email protected]

Biol 3000
Section: 95588
M/W: 3:05-4:20PM

F: 9am-10am