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Guidelines for Third-party Hosted Websites

A key goal of Cal State LA's web strategy is to provide consistent messaging, branding, navigation, and accessible webpages within the University web environment using the Drupal content management system (CMS).

For certain projects, it may be necessary to host a website outside of the University's CMS.

The web management committee, the offices of Communications and Public Affairs (CPA) and Information Technology Services (ITS) will need to give approval for such requests. The following requirements will help the committee determine whether such an exception is appropriate:

  • The proposed website requires a display of content that is not compatible with the University’s current CMS.
    • As to the display of content, there should be a compelling reason why it would need to differ from the University’s visual standard.
  • The proposed website requires functionality that is not addressed by the current CMS.
    • As to the functionality, there should be a legitimate purpose for this functionality.

If such a request is approved, the following guidelines must be met:

  • The website must feature University branding, and all content and design must adhere to University editorial and brand standards.
  • All website designs must be reviewed and approved by CPA prior to publication.
  • URL decisions must be approved by CPA. 
  • The website must meet accessibility standards.
    • The website must be tested for accessibility, any issues related to accessibility must be addressed, and accessibility must be approved by ITS prior to publication.
  • Prior to selecting a website hosting service, the requestor must meet with ITS and receive approval to use the host.

To Request that Your Website be Hosted Outside the Cal State LA Web Environment

343 -
Enter the full URL path you wish to obtain for your website.
The name of the hosting service you plan to use to host your website.
The platform provided by the hosting service (i.e., WordPress, Weebly, Drupal 8, etc.).