Training FAQs

The following questions and answers provide general information about the ITS Training Program.

What is the ITS Training Program?

The ITS Training Program provides access to on-demand learning resources which deliver technology training to the Cal State LA community when and where they need it. In addition, the ITS Training Program provides in-person training and step-by-step handouts on the use of computing systems, software and services provided by Information Technology Services (ITS).

What is on-demand learning?

On-demand learning systems such as LinkedIn Learning deliver training to the Cal State LA community when and where they need it. Rather than sitting through hours of traditional classroom training, Cal State LA students, faculty and staff are able to use online tutorials to learn the information they need to solve problems, perform specific tasks, or quickly update their skills.

Does the ITS Training Program offer online training?

Visit the Online Training Resources page for a list of available training resources.

What workshops does the ITS Training Program offer?

Visit the Workshops page for a list of upcoming and available workshops.

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops are held in the computer training lab (Library Palmer Wing 4056). For more information, visit the Training Lab Locations page.

When are the workshops being offered?

Workshop schedules will be announced through campuswide emails as well as our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+). So like and follow us to receive the latest training updates.

Who is eligible to attend the workshops?

Eligible attendees include:

  • Cal State LA matriculated students with the following: a MyCalStateLA ID account, a Cal State LA One Card or photo ID card (e.g., California driver license or ID card), and a current quarter schedule printout from GET.
  • Cal State LA faculty and staff members with the following: a MyCalStateLA ID account and a Cal State LA One Card.

Is it OK to attend a workshop if I missed the previous one in a series?

Although you may do so, it is always better to attend all sessions. If you miss a session, it is a good idea to review the missed material prior to coming to the next workshop.

Where can I get the training materials if I miss a workshop?

The training materials are available for download on the Online Training Resources page.

If I do not understand some parts of the workshop, who can I ask?

During the workshop, you may ask the trainer or any of the assistants. If time permits, you may approach the trainer after the workshop. You can also email or call us for any workshop-related questions.

If I have some questions about my homework, who can I ask?

The extent of our help is strictly limited to the material and content that is covered in the workshops. If further help is required, it is recommended that you seek your corresponding instructor or advisor. Other resources that may also be helpful are the University Tutorial Center and the University Writing Center.

What should I do if I do not have an application that you teach?

The applications that we teach are available in the Open Access Labs (OALs) on campus. We also have several applications available through MyTools, an on-demand service that provides secure access to virtual instances of commonly used software from anywhere, at any time, using a computer, laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices with an internet connection. Visit the MyTools Support page for more information and setup instructions.

How can I contact the ITS Training Program?

The main office of the ITS Training Program is located in Library Palmer Wing, Room 4056 (LPW 4056). You may contact us by phone at 323-343-5369 or forward any questions or comments to [email protected].