How to Save Files

How to Save Files - Windows

  1. Create a folder on your local hard drive to make it easier to save and access your files. In this example, we will create a folder named “My Files” on your Drive “C” before we launched Word 2016. It will show an error about restrictions when you try to save to the default server “Documents” or “Desktop” folders as shown below. Click OK to continue.


Save As Window


  1. You will be presented with the screen showing “This PC”. Click on This PC icon and it will show the contents of your hard drive. In this example, it will be “C” Drive and you will see “My Files” folder shown below. Type the File name and click Save”.


This PC Window Icon


Save As to My File folder


Saving document in My File folder


How to Save Files - Mac

  1. After successfully launched MyTools, click Local Resources. Check Disk Drive and Click Configure.

Configure local folder


  1. Click + sign

Click + Sign

  1. Choose Documents and click Open. Click Ok to apply the settings.

Select Documents Folder to store files


  1. In this example, Word 2016 is launched and a restriction error window popped up when you try to save your document. Click OK to continue.


Save As Restriction Error


  1. You will see the windows below showing “This PC”. Click on This PC icon and it will show your local hard drive(s) location where you can save your documents.


Select This PC local drive