How-To Reimage using SolutionAccelerators on Windows 7

 The following procedure can be done by anyone possessing a Win PE CD or Win PE bootable device and an USB device containing scripts and the target image.
  1. Load the CD and/or attach the USB device to the computer.
  2. Boot from the CD or bootable device.
  3. When the SolutionAccelerators Windows Deployment popup appears, select Exit to Command Prompt.
    Solution Accelerators popup
  4. To get the drive letters for components you need, Type-in diskpart followed by list volume.
    Windows Command Prompt
  5. Your target drive is likely F: but might be E:. Exit (command: exit) out of diskpart and CD to that drive.
    Exit DiskPart if you need to change drive letter
  6. Type-in gx7 (for the gx7.bat script). The rest below is the result of that command.
    gx7 command results
  7. On the popup select the Apply tab and then click Browse.
    GX Apply Tab
  8. Images come in "R" reserve files and "O" operating files. Select the appropriate "R" file and click Open.
    Select appropriate reserve file
  9. In the destination popup select the "R" drive and click OK.
    Select R drive
  10. In the resulting return of the Apply tab click the Apply button.
    Click Apply button
  11. Loading the reserve takes less than a minute. A progress bar will show. In the files menu now select the appropriate "O" part of the image and click Open.
    Select the appropriate operating file
  12. In the destination popup select the "O" drive and click OK.
    Select O drive
  13. Again click the Apply button.
    Click Apply button
  14. A progress bar will popup again. The "O" part of the image takes tens of minutes. When the progress bar gets to 100% and shows Completed, close the progress bar and exit out of all popups. The system will then self-reboot.
  15. Perform the post-config procedure from the resultant startup.