How-To Connect OneDrive for Business Using Office 2011 Mac OS X

OneDrive for Business client for OS X is not available at this time. As a Microsoft suggested alternative method, you can use OneDrive for Business from the OS X through Microsoft Document Connection.

  • Requirement: “Microsoft Document Connection” which is included in Office 2011.


  1. Open Microsoft Document Connection.

Office 2011 folder with Document Connection highlighted

  1. Click Add locationConnect to a SharePoint Site...

Office 365 cloud login

  1. In the Address Field type then click Connect.
    • Example: For user ID juser this would be

sharepoint popup

  1. Wait for the next page then type [email protected]. When typing your password you will be redirected to the CSULA portal.

Office 365 popup

  1. Type your user ID and password on the portal

Portal window

  1. OneDrive is accessible throught the SharePoint connection.

SharePoint window