Security Awareness Training

All CSULA faculty and staff must understand the shared responsibility we have to protect information assets, which includes protecting computing systems and campus data from inappropriate disclosure or misuse. To promote information security awareness, the California State University (CSU) system provides online Information Security Awareness Training to all 23 of its campuses.

About the online course
The online training course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and can be taken on any computer with access to the Internet. If you are unable to devote the full 45 minutes at one time, you can stop the training and when you return, the program will bring you back to where you stopped the course.

This course provides valuable materials on information security best practices, including:

  • Understanding CSU information security policies and practices.
  • Implementing procedures for managing access to protected assets.
  • Knowing your responsibilities related to information security.
  • Engaging in proper data retention and destruction practices.
  • Keeping e-mail and mobile electronic devices secure.
  • Protecting against virus, malware, spyware, and other threats to information assets.
  • Practicing safe Web surfing.
  • Complying with physical security best practices and procedures.

The vendor providing the training is WorkPlace Answers, a vendor who has provided various CSU training courses in the past. Once you have submitted your request for training, WorkPlace Answers will send an e-mail notification directly to you with your specialized link to the training site. Upon completion of the training, print the Certificate of Completion and give it to your immediate supervisor who will be responsible for making a copy for department records and sending the printed copy to HRM for filing into your official personnel file.

How to sign-up for the course
If you are an employee of Cal State L.A. and have a campus e-mail account, and either have not received your specialized training link or are a new employee, please click here to submit your online request for registration.

Information Security is Everybody’s Responsibility
On behalf of California State University, Los Angeles, IT Security and Compliance thanks you for taking the time to become informed and educated about information security.