How-To: Set up 802.1x for OS X 10.8

This tutorial will assist the ITC or end user in manually configuring a Macintosh to connect to the campus network using the 802.1x connection protocol.

  1. From  select ⇒ System Preferences.

  1. In Systems Preferences, select Network.

  1. This version of Macintosh has a quick way to connect to presenting a popup. Click Connect.

  1. In the popup type-in your AD user name and password and click OK.

  1. If you get the "Verify Certificate" popup, click Continue.

  1. From the original network now Advanced and select the 802.1X tab in the subsequent page.

  1. Check "Enable automatic connection." This enables switch Vi-LAN automatically when you login.

  1. The user login settings will be stored in your Login keychain (shortcut: Command+Shift+u). If you change your password, go to Utilities Keychain Access

  1. From the top of the menu bar, select Edit Delete to delete the saved profile information.

  1. Repeat the connect/keychain process from the Network Page (step 3).