E-Signature Forms

E-signature forms introduce a simple, efficient, and secure method for processing account request forms that will benefit both account applicants and request approvers. The use of e-signatures:

  • Eliminates paper forms, handwritten signatures and lost forms.
  • Shortens the timeframe for the forms to circulate for approval by eliminating internal mail or hand delivery circulation.
  • Allows approvers to review account requests from any computer, laptop or mobile device using their University email and easily insert their electronic signatures.
  • Routes forms automatically by email to the next destination.
  • Allows ITS to create approved accounts faster.
  • Provides electronic tracking of each form’s progress.


How do I use e-signature forms?

Applicants will need to complete all required sections; verify that their FERPA Certificate is current and on file with HRM; sign the Acknowledgement of Confidentiality and Appropriate Use of Access statement; and sign the appropriate Access and Compliance Form for their position. Applicants will also need to provide email addresses for their division and department approvals.

Approvers will receive an email notifying them that an account request is attached for their review and approval. Inserting an e-signature is simple and instructions will appear on the form.


If you have any more questions, please see the e-signature FAQ page.