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E-Signature Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create an e-signature form?

E-signature forms are easy to access. The new e-Signature forms are accessible from the ITS homepage by clicking on e-Signature Forms from the menu.


Are all forms converting to e-signatures?

No, only those forms related to network or administrative systems account requests. These forms generally involve specific requirements, such as FERPA certification, Access and Compliance forms, and Acknowledgement of Confidentiality and Appropriate Use of Access. In some cases, sponsors must acknowledge acceptance of their specific responsibilities. These requirements are governed by CSU policy, Executive Orders and/or Board of Trustees audit specifications.


What are the basic instructions for e-signing a document?

Using e-signatures is simple and straightforward, and requestors and approvers will see instructions for their required actions. For general information about electronic signature, visit How To Sign a Document.


How do I create or adopt my signature?

The first time you select a SIGN or INITIAL field in the form, you will be asked to adopt a signature and initials. DocuSign will walk you through the easy steps to select a preformatted signature style or draw your signature. To see specifically how that is done, visit Adopt your signature.


Can I enter my personal email address?

No, all email addresses entered for applicants, reviewers and approvers must be their Cal State LA email address.


What if the FERPA certification is not complete or current?

A FERPA certification is required for all employees who access the campus network or systems, and it must be renewed every two years by visiting the FERPA tutorial webpage. The e-signature form will ask applicants, or requestors on their behalf, to sign a verification that the applicant's certificate is current and on file in Human Resources Management. If the certificate was never completed or is outdated, the process will be put on hold until this step is completed.

IT Security and Compliance is responsible for verifying that the FERPA certificate is up-to-date. If it is missing or outdated, they will contact the applicant. The request will be on hold until the FERPA certificate is provided. Remember, e-signature forms expire in 60 days if the entire cycle is not completed, so do not delay in obtaining the certification.


Can departments appoint a designee to prepare account requests in advance of the employee arriving?

Yes, department designees can prepare the account requests; however, designees cannot sign the form for the applicant. Email accounts for new employees are automatically created as soon as the hiring information is input in the Human Resources system. New hires should be informed to check their email for the form from ITS Forms via DocuSign.


What should I do if I want to update form information after I submit my account request?

If you insert the wrong reviewer or approver for your account request, or if you need to update any information on the request, you will need to submit a new request. This step is necessary to ensure the security and validity of the e-signature process.


Why do I need an access code to complete the form?

The access code is a security step in the e-signature process that ensures the person initiating the request is who they say they are. ITS Forms via DocuSign sends an access code separately to the applicant’s or department designee's email. After you enter the correct access code, you will be guided through the normal signing process.

Example of an email from ITS Forms

Electronic Forms email example

If you do not know the access code, click on "I never received an access code", and an access code will be resent to you.

dialog box asking to please enter the access code to view the document

Reference: I need an access code to sign an envelope. Where do I find it?


What happens if I never receive an access code?

If you have not received the access code, make sure to check your Junk,Spam and Clutter folders in your mailbox.


My document is "Locked" or I have "Failed Authentication."

If your document is locked or you have failed authentication, you will need to begin a new request.

If you have not received an access code after you complete the initial request, make sure to check your Spam, Junk and Clutter folders for the access code email. Failure to enter an access code or entering the wrong access code will result in the document being locked. This step protects your security by verifying that you are the individual making the request and shutting down the process if a problem is detected.


How do I attach a supporting document to the request?

Applicants can attach one document to an account request. Open the electronic form, and click the 'Attach Document' button to display the document selection button. Note: attached documents cannot exceed 25MB.

Electronic Form with an arrow pointing at the attach document button


What is the status of my document?

To view the most recent status of your document:

  • Open the email notification sent to you from [email protected].
  • Click on the Review Document button.

Electronic Forms email with an arrow pointing at the review document button


  • Click on Other Actions.
  • Click on View History.

Electronic Form with the view history button under the other forms menu

  • Scroll down to see the most recent status of your document.

Looking at the recent status of document as declined and the reason for it


As a Reviewer/Approver, how do I know who sent me this document?

All notification emails you received will be from [email protected], not the applicant.

To contact the applicant:

  • Use the email address listed in the form.

To reach the form:

  • Open the notification email and click Review Document.

Electronic Forms email with an arrow pointing at the review document button


  • Navigate to the applicant email section:

Electronic Form with an arrow pointing at the Email Address field


Why do Reviewers/Approvers get repeated email notifications?

These emails are reminders that you have not taken action on a request requiring your attention. To stop these notifications, either sign to accept, or use the decline to sign option under the Other Actions menu.

Every request is set to expire in 60 calendar days from when the original request was created, so timely action is important.


Are Reviewers/Approvers required to be on campus to sign forms?

No. Approval of requests can be completed remotely by accessing your email account through the MyCalStateLA portal or using your smartphone or tablet with University email configured.


What happens when someone does not sign?

By default, document signing requests expire in 60 calendar days. But you can monitor progress of the request by opening the email from Docusign and clicking Review Document. This will show the most recent status of the request. If the process has stopped, the applicant can check with the reviewer/approver to determine the cause. It is possible the recipient did not realize action was needed or the email may be in the recipients Spam, Junk or Clutter folder.

Electronic Forms email with an arrow pointing at the review document button


Why have my reviewers/approvers never received the request?

If the reviewers or approvers did not receive the request, first have them check their Spam, Junk or Clutter folder. Remember, the email is from [email protected] If they still cannot locate the request, contact the ITS Help Desk at 3-6170.


I am a designated reviewer/approver but I will be off campus for an extended period. What should I do?

If reviewers or approvers are unavailable, requests can be forwarded to other authorized individuals. If a permanent change is required, contact the ITS Help Desk at 3-6170 to request the change along with appropriate department approval.


How can I access the DocuSign documents that I signed?

You can access the document by opening the original email from Docusign and click Review Document. This will show the most recent version of your document.

Electronic Forms email with an arrow pointing at the review document button


Reference: How do I access the DocuSign documents that I signed.


What if a request is rejected?

By default, every request that is being rejected would require an explanation. All signers, including the applicant, will be notified via email that the request is being rejected. If you would like to view the decline explanation:

  • Open the notification and click Review document.

Electronic Forms email with an arrow pointing at the review document button


  • Click Other Actions then View History.

Electronic Form with the view history button under the other forms menu


  • Scroll down to the declined status, and view the decline reason.

Looking at the recent status of document as declined and the reason for it


Who do I contact with questions about this document?

You will need to contact the original applicant with questions regarding information specific to that document.

ITS Forms ([email protected]) sends email notifications on behalf of its users, so replying to that notification will result in an email being sent to ITS Forms, not to the original applicant. ITS Forms is not a monitored mailbox.