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     In an effort to empower those who have the honor of serving our students as academic advisers, the Office of Semester Conversion, in partnership with the Division of Information Technology Services and our ERP Consultants, have collaborated to create a toolset to monitor the IAP process.

    These Queries are now accessible to those who have been granted the proper access and are accessible via GET Student Administration (GET SA), also known as the Common Management System (CMS).



Who can request access?

Currently the colleges with programs serving students identified as IAP candidates have provided a list of eligible recipients to the Office of Semester Conversion. Colleges were given full discretion as to whom should be granted permission. Additional access may be granted at the request of the colleges.


How do I get access?

IAP Status Queries

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Training Documents

IAP Status With Plan Filter

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IAP Status With Program Filter

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IAP Detail Queries

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Training Documents

IAP Details by Advisor

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IAP Details by Student

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