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Scope of Function
The Summer Community Assistant position has the primary responsibility to build community amongst the summer residents which will be comprised of both Cal State LA students and Summer Conference Guests residing in Housing during the summer. Community building is accomplished through social interaction and enforcing community standards and policies established by Housing and Residence Life. Summer Community Assistants are supervised by the Summer Conference Coordinator.

Appointment is for the period of Spring Semester 2019 (TBD) through August17, 2019. The appointment is contingent upon completion of assigned tasks andperformance evaluation. Area assignment is dependent upon department needand is subject to change. Appointment begins in the spring to accommodate therequired training dates scheduled during the spring term. Staff does not move-into their SCA assignment until after the completion of the spring term.

•Single room and utilities
•$11.00/hour pay (daytime office hours worked – 20+/week)

Summer Community Assistants must be available for the following required meetings which will be scheduled during business hours:

  1. Weekly staff meeting (day and time to be determined by supervisor)
  2. One-On-One meetings with supervisor as needed
  3. Development meetings (as assigned)

Summer Community Assistants must fully participate in all scheduled training activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Spring Training 2019: April 12th, 19th & 26th
  2. Summer Training 2019: May 20th – 24th
  3. Regular, weekly duty rotations for on call coverage (Monday – Sunday;schedules to be determined)

Dates, additional training, and programs subject to change dependent upon department need. All trainings must be attended. All “days off” requests must be submitted to supervisor seven days prior for review. All requests are pending supervisor’s approval. Anticipated absences must be submitted by the last day of spring training; proof of absence is required for all requests.

• Summer Community Assistants interact and build relationships with Housing community residents.
• Provide customer service, assistance and resources for community residents as needed.
• Assist with conflict mediation within the community.
• Assist with creating programming that will benefit community residents.
• Assist with creating welcome materials for both residents and guests.

• Summer Community Assistants will be scheduled Duty shifts on a rotational basis (including weekends, holidays and other campus closures) and serves as point persons in emergency situations and customer relations. Housing and Residence Life may assign Duty shifts based upon operational needs. Summer Community Assistants not on duty will be expected to assist as available in
situations including but not limited to: policy violation assistance and emergencies.
• Maintain communication with professional staff on an ongoing basis.
• Will receive training on and are expected to comply with University and Housing and Residence Life Policies, as well as Federal and California State Laws. This includes computing guidelines, confidentiality, alcohol education and FERPA compliance.
• Respond to behavioral issues and policy infractions that occur within the Housing community and complete Incident Reports.
• Provide assistance with crisis intervention and emergency response when needed, utilizing training and adhering to Housing and Residence Life protocol.
• Maintain responsibility for Duty Binder, cell phone, cell phone charger and Master Keys.

• Keep supervisor informed of ALL resident and community issues.
• Provide front desk customer service to Housing residents during scheduled business hours.
• Perform all administrative duties as assigned (weekly reports, duty logs, programming paperwork).
• Monitor phone messages, email and mailbox regularly for communication.
• Assist Summer RD with apartment Inspections and Occupancy Reports.
• Monitor their email accounts and respond promptly to resident and employment issues. Response to all requests is expected within 24 hours.
• Other administrative duties may be assigned as it pertains to the Summer Conference program, which may require the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
• Assist community residents with check-in and check-out during business hours and after hours.
• Provide light housekeeping, prepare/exchange linens and other services as needed.

• Master/Sub-master Keys may only be used to:

a. Open the apartment door of a student or Housing and Residence Life staff member who has properly identified him/herself as needing access to the apartment and room in question.
b. Enter a student’s room and/or apartment for health and safety emergencies, inspections or other operational need.
c. Lost or misplaced Master Keys/Duty Keys should be reported immediately.
d. Summer Community Assistants may not loan any Master/Sub-master keys to anyone, and they may only carry it in association with assigned duties (i.e. duty, emergencies). All losses or alleged misuse of Master/Submaster keys will be investigated, and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination and/or billing.


  1. Summer Community Assistants are expected to maintain a high standard of ethics at all times, including remaining in good judicial standing with Housing and Residence Life and the University Judicial Affairs Office prior to and throughout the term of employment.
  2. Summer Community Assistants must have sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate class standing at the beginning of employment.
  3. Summer Community Assistants must be enrolled as full-time students (minimum of 12 units undergrad, 8 units grad) at California State University, Los Angeles spring semester 2019. The employment offer will be rescinded if this is not maintained.
  4. Summer Community Assistants must maintain a semester GPA minimum of 2.5 each quarter and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 throughout the term of appointment. Graduate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0. GPA and enrollment status will be verified at the beginning of each semester during the term of employment, via submission of unofficial transcript or semester grades at the beginning of each semester. Staff members who do not meet the academic eligibility standards will be released from the Summer Community Assistant position.
  5. Summer Community Assistants are expected to work shifts that include office hours and participate in a duty rotation that requires night, weekend, and holiday coverage. Summer Community Assistants are expected to complete all responsibilities listed in the job description, the SCA manual, and covered in training. The Summer Conference Coordinator must be notified of all class schedules, any outside employment and/or extra-curricular activities. Failure to fulfill job responsibilities due to non–academic reasons may result in termination.
  6. Summer Community Assistants will complete other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
  7. Summer Community Assistants must maintain the security and confidentiality of both personal and institutional records and information as outlined by FERPA, the Appropriate Use Agreement for Student Assistants, the Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status, the federal Clery Act, and any other applicable University policy. Summer Community Assistants will be trained on the importance of these responsibilities and how to manage them and/or seek assistance from a supervisor.

• Summer Community Assistants will need to provide a $100 security deposit for the apartment. This is refundable pending apartment inspection after the staff member moves out of the apartment. Summer Community Assistants, as residents, also need to provide the official results of a negative tuberculosis test.
• Summer Community Assistants will be issued supplies during the course of their position which are expected to be maintained in good condition and returned upon termination of their employment. Staff members who do not return items in good condition may be assessed a replacement fee.
• The failure of the Summer Community Assistant to fulfill the duties of the position may result in the termination of the Employment Agreement. If the Employment Agreement is terminated for any reason, or the employee resigns, the remuneration packs will be pro-rated. The employee will vacate the assigned space. Reassignment within Housing is not guaranteed.

All information within this Job Description is subject to change.