To complete these forms digitally, download the forms below and open in Adobe Acrobat.

Current Residents

Name of Form

Who Needs to Submit the Form

Damage and Cleaning Appeal

Residents who want to appeal charges applied for damages to their apartment.


Residents who wish to authorize the release of their records.

Guest & Visitor Request Form

Residents who wish to have guests stay overnight.

Mail Forwarding Request Form

Residents who want to forward their mail to another address for up to four weeks after moving out.

Meal Plan Change Request Form

Residents who want to add or increase their Meal Plan option.

Petition to Cancel Form

Residents who wish to request to cancel their License Agreement (housing and Meal Plan) after the semester has started.

Prior To Moving In

Name of Form

Who Needs to Submit the Form

To be filled out by applicants who have not moved in and requesting deferment or to cancel their license agreement.  

Consent Form for Under the Age of 18

Applicants under the age of 18.

Meningococcal Disease Information Form

First-year applicants to show that they have read about meningococcal disease.

Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire (Risk Assessment)

All applicants must complete and submit to the Cal State LA Health Center.

Tuberculosis Verification Form

Applicants who filled out the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire and answered "yes" to one of the questions or has tested positive for TB in the past.

Campus And Community Partners

Name of Form

Who Needs to Submit the Form

Off-Campus Rental Form

Property owners who would like us to list on our website an accomondation that is available to rent to Cal State LA students.

Space Reservation Form

University members (students, staff or faculty) or summer conference participants who want to reserve one of the following locations in the housing complex for an event: Lounge, Conference Room, Game Room or Computer Lab.