Honors College Class of 2020


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Dear Honors College Graduate of 2020,

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Honors College at Cal State LA, I wish to congratulate you on your outstanding achievement! This milestone in your educational journey will always speak of your dedication, hard work, and sacrifice; you should be as proud of yourself as we are of you.

We are proud to have accompanied you throughout your undergraduate experience, and now we wish you longstanding success as you embark on the next stages of school, work, and career.  The Honors College has done its best to provide an academically enriched and socially supportive environment to inspire you to become a creative and critical thinker as well as a leader in your discipline. With core learning goals focused on civic engagement, leadership, and knowledge creation, we have prepared you to address the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.

As an alumna/alumnus of the Honors College, we trust that you will hold high your alma mater’s banner of excellence throughout your life. You can count on us to provide counsel and support wherever the future takes you. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. 

Learn as if you were to live forever.

Warmest Hopes and Wishes,

Rennie B. Schoepflin, Director

Honors College

California State University, Los Angeles

Honors College Class of 2020

Lindee Alvarez
Communication Disorders

Thesis: Identifying the Music Listening Habits of College Students

Portrait of Nadia Ashour
Nadia Ashour

Thesis:  Analysis of Zebrafish Dyrk1a in Behavior and Development;
Advisor: Dr. Robert Nissen

Gabriel Babuch
English, Minor: History

Thesis: "Western Food Perceptions in the Land of the Rising Sun"; 
Advisor: Dr. Choi Chatterjee

Rory Baker

Thesis: Spatial-Temporal Water Quality Study of Nitrates in Ballona Lagoon, California 

Kevin Castillo Portrait
Kevin D. Castillo Aragon
Business Administration with Option in Accounting, Minors in Finance & Real Estate
Justin Chang profile
Justin Chang
Business Administration Option in Finance, Minors: English, Math

Thesis: Alexander Pope: A reply to Professor Brown

Portrait of Megan
Megan Chang
Biochemistry, Minors: Mathematics & Economics

Thesis: Optimizing Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy for Studying the Interaction Kinetics Between Proteins and Cell Membranes; Advisor: Dr. Yixian Wang

Annie Chen
Computer Information Systems

Thesis: Analysis of Airbnb's Rental Scene in Los Angeles and San Francisco;
Advisor: Veena Prabhu

Xinhao Chen
International Business, Minor: Marketing

Thesis: Marketing Plan for Small Company;
Advisor: Veena Prabhu

Portrait of Andy Chieng
Andy Chieng
Chemistry, Minor: Creative Writing

Thesis: Real-Time Monitoring of Interactions between Alpha-Synuclein and Live Cells Using Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy; Advisor: Dr. Yixian Wang

Portrait of Clarice DAngelo
Clarice Ann D'Angelo
Psychology, Minor: Rehabilitation Services

Thesis: Medication Assisted Treatment, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, And Motivational Interviewing For The Treatment Of Heroin Addiction
Advisor: Dr. Senqi Hu

Tamara Dayton

Thesis: The Effects of Childhood Emotional Maltreatment on the Formation of Healthy Interpersonal Relationships in Adulthood

Nick Duncan Portrait
Nicholas Duncan
Microbiology & Physics

Thesis: Elucidation of the Mechanism of Rbp2 in Modulating KaiC Localization in S. elongatus; 
Susan Cohen

Kathryn Fazzi
Rehabilitation Services

Thesis: Sexuality as it Relates to Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilites: A Development of Sexual Health Resources for Parents and Caregivers; 
Advisor: Dr. Frances Siu

Portrait of Jasmin Flores
Jasmin Flores
Exercise Science, Minor: Psychology

Thesis: Accessibility for the Disabled Throughout Cal State LA; 
Advisor: Connie Wong

Patricia photo
Patricia Gallagher
Economics, Minor: Mathematics

Thesis: Understanding Data Science Concepts Applied to Happiness Economics; 
Advisor: Devika Hazra

Sidra Gibeault
Electrical Engineering

Senior Design Project: Development of an underwater sound localization algorithm using cross correlation for the robosub competition 

Portrait of Valerie Gonzalez
Valerie Gonzalez
Exercise Science

Thesis: The Effects of Physical Activity on Brain Oxygenation during Virtual Reality Gaming;
Advisor: Stefan Keslacy

Luke Henshaw II
Television, Film and Media Studies

Thesis: All the Jewels in Heaven: Gun Culture in America, a Critique via a Deconstructed Western Anthology Screenplay;
Advisor: Miguel A. Acedo 

Andrew Hernandez
Television, Film and Media Studies

Thesis: Socratic Dialogue Video Essay: There Is No Future Under Capitalism Seen Through Disney Parks

Portrait of Anna Hernandez
Anna Hernandez
Public Health

Thesis: Predictors of Drug Use among Latino Adolescents in Los Angeles; 
Advisors: Dr. Beth Hoffman & Dr. Evelyn Alvarez

Portrait of Jobel Hernandez
Jobel Hernandez
Biology, Minor: Forensic Science

Thesis: Investigating The Effects Of Antidepressant Compounds On The Rates Of Regeneration In The Planarian Schmidtea Mediterranea; Advisor: Dr. Jay Vargas

Jessica headshot
Jessica Hsueh
Microbiology, Minor: Public Health

Thesis: Investigating the Mitochondrial Disease Leigh Syndrome Through the Development of Cellular Models and Exploration of AK4 Knockdown as a Potential Therapeutic Solution; Advisor: Dr. Nathan Lanning

Mikaila Ishaaya

Thesis: A Retelling And Analysis of Classical Love Mythologies Through the Lens of Contemporary Gender Relations; Advisor: Dr. Nicole Horejsi

Connor Johnson portrait
Connor Johnson
Political Science with Option in Global Politics

Thesis: A Self-Made Cabin or a Small Cot in the Corner of a Palace: Global Dynamics on the International Economic Stage; Advisors: Kirsten Fisher & Timothy Lim

Hannah Johnston portrait
Hannah Johnston

Thesis: The Context and Meaning of Human Child Sacrifice of the Maya

Alexis Kam
Mechanical Engineering

Senior Project: 2nd Generation Building Testbed 

Advisor: Dr. Arturo Pacheco-Vega

Shirell Klein
Chemistry, Minor: Studio Art

Thesis: Responsive adsorptive properties of Zr-based metal-organic framework hydrogel composites; Advisor: Dr. Yangyang Liu

Nathan Lee portrait
Nathan Lee
Computer Science
Adam Li portrait
Adam Li
Business Administration Option in Finance, Minor: Economics
Portrait of Sarah
Sarah Madira

Thesis: The Therapeutic Potential Of Adenylate Kinase 4 For The Amelioration Of Leigh Syndrome

Sam Mariano Portrait
Samantha Mariano
Communication Studies

Thesis: Turning to Twitter: Emergence of an Alternative News Source

Cristina Martinez Portrait
Cristina Martinez
Business Administration, Minor: Human Resources

Thesis Project: Professional in Human Resources Certification; Advisor: Veena Prabhu

Mayra Mendez Portrait
Mayra S. Mendez
Psychology, Minor: Biology

Thesis: Zebrafish knockout of Down Syndrome gene, DYRK1A, shows social impairment and reduced anxiety; 
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Robert Nissen

Alexander M portrait
Alexander Montgomery

Thesis: A Semi-Autobiographical Examination Of Differing Writing Pedagogies In American Public Education And Their Impact On Young Artists Of Color

Georgia Morgan portrait
Georgia Morgan
Biochemistry, Minor: Biology

Thesis: Applications of Resistive Pulse Techniques in Controlled Delivery of Liposomes and Label-Free Detection of Individual Bacteria; Advisor: Dr. Yixian Wang

Edgar portrait
Edgar Papazyan
Biochemistry, Minor: Economics

Thesis: Photocatalytic Activity of a Tin Doped Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Framework in the Detoxification of a Mustard Gas Simulant; Advisor: Dr. Yangyang Liu

Gor P portrait
Gor Papazyan
Biochemistry, Minor: Management

Thesis: Sustainability of a Beetle Antifreeze Protein in the Presence of Trypsin; Advisor: Dr. Xin Wen

Ryan M. Peralta
Computer Science
Jennyfer Perdomo
Biology, Minor: Forensic Science

Thesis: Influence of Antidepressant Compounds on Schmidtea Mediterranea Eyespot Regeneration; Advisor: Dr. Jay Vargas

Sydney Pham
Nursing, Minor: Computer Information Systems

Thesis: Birthing a New Era of Technology: The Use of Technology to Improve Maternal Health Outcomes; Advisor: Dr. Joseph Otto

Guadalupe portrait
Guadalupe Pliego-Gijon

Thesis: Vaccination Misinformation: Investigating How Reputable Sources Are Using Social Media to Combat Vaccine Myths;
Advisor: Dr. Cinthya Sotelo

Maria Pogosyan
Television Film and Media Studies

Thesis: Children of War

Salvador Prieto Jr.

Thesis: Traficking Of Yeast Casein Kinase 2 During Morphogenesis Of Candida Albicans

Katlin Ragland portrait
Kaitlin Ragland
Television, Film and Media Studies

Thesis: The Sweet Sound of Home Theater: Home Theater and Its Effect on the Film Industry; Advisor: Michael Clarke

Portrait of Jessica
Jessica Reyes

Thesis: Using Biochemical Techniques To Analyze Archaeological Bone Fragments From The Santa

Stephanie Rivera portrait
Stephanie Rivera
Business Administration: Management
Michael Salcido portrait
Michael Salcido
Sociology & Business Administration

Social Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Study of the United States and the Philippines; Advisor: Dr. Veena Prabhu

Picture of Jordan
Jordan Smith
Business Administration Option in Management

Thesis: Revolution of Imagination

Robert Snyder portrait
Robert Snyder
Communication Disorders

Thesis: Conversational analysis of undergraduate students’ interactions in problem solving situations; Advisor: Gabriela Simon-Cereijido, PhD, CCC-SLP

Svetlana Sohrabi

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Clarice profile photo
Clarice Jarrett S. Sotiangco

Thesis: Medical Misinformation: A Look into the Impact of Technology on Vaccination Hesitancy; Advisor: Dr. Cinthya Sotelo

Elan Portrait
Elan Studebaker

Thesis: The Birth of American Nationalism Through Death, 1775-1818; Advisor: Dr. Birte Pfleger

Vivian portrait
Vivian S. Tse
Television, Film and Media Studies

Thesis: TatBoo: A Short Documentary; Advisor: Heather Fipps

Kathryn Uchida portrait
Kathryn Uchida
Biochemistry, Minor: English

Thesis: Thread Based Electrodes for the Detection of Glucose and Acetylthiocholine; Advisor: Dr. Frank A. Gomez

Austin L. Vargason
Computer Science
Daisy portrait
Daisy Villalobos
English, Minor: Political Science

Thesis: The Role of Transnational Advocacy Networks in Gender Violence and Latin America; Advisor: Dr. Martin Adamian 

Ray Wang

Effects of Renewable Energy on Gasoline Consumption In California

Paul Yang

Introduction to Generalized Linear Models: A Basic Primer 

Mayra Zamora
Public Health

Mental Health and Polycycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): Examining Information Shared to Women of Color by Healthcare Providers 

Cailin Zarate portrait
Caitlin Zarate
Anthropology, Minor: Biology

Thesis: Identifying the Discrepancy between the Number of Forensic Anthropology Women Graduations and the Number of Women Hired Within the Field; Advisor: Christine Lee