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For further information, please contact:

Lisa Valenzuela, MSW
UCCF Field Coordinator
(323) 343-5008
[email protected]

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University Consortium for Children and Families (UCCF)
Internship Program

The University Consortium for Children and Families (UCCF) Internship Program is a collaborative endeavor
between the Los Angeles County DCFS and the graduate programs of social work at 7 Universities. UCCF is a 2 year
internship program that provides training to MSW students who are preparing to work in a public child welfare
setting. UCCF recipients in their 1st year of field internship will be placed at an agency that works with DCFS clients.
Once in their 2nd year of field internship, students will be placed at a Los Angeles County DCFS office. UCCF
recipients will receive extra support and training throughout their program.
Stipends: The UCCF Internship Program provides a stipend of $18,500 for each year of internship. In return,
students commit to two years of employment at L.A. County DCFS upon graduation. Students will be required to
attend specialized seminars on campus as well as attend Child Welfare training through DCFS.
Eligibility: Students entering the full-time (2 year) program. Students in the Part-time program (3 year) are
eligible to apply in their 1st year of field placement (in the 2nd year of your 3 year program). Advanced standing
students may be eligible to apply. All eligible students interested in the UCCF internship program must submit the
UCCF application contained in their admissions packet. Selected applicants will be invited to an interview. For
more information please contact the UCCF Coordinator, Lisa Valenzuela, MSW at (323) 343-5008 or e-mail
[email protected]