New Kinesiology Curriculum FAQ

FAQ for New Kinesiology Curriculum


Does the new curriculum help me graduate faster?

Yes. In most cases, the new curriculum will help you graduate faster because you will be required to take fewer KIN classes.


What changed in the KIN major curriculum?

There were changes in the core classes and in the option classes. The biggest change in the core was that KIN 2150 and KIN 2250 can be taken instead of BIOL 2010 and BIOL 2020. We also reduced the number of KIN courses required in each of the four options. In the new curriculum, students have up to 15 units of free electives, meaning they can take any classes they want and have them count toward their graduation requirements.


If I already took BIOL 2010 and BIOL 2020, or BIOL 2030 and BIOL 2040, do I still need to take KIN 2150 and KIN 2250?



What are BIOL 2030 and BIOL 2040?

BIOL 2010 and 2020 are being phased out and being replaced by BIOL 2030 and BIOL 2040.


Which anatomy and physiology series should I take, KIN 2150 and KIN 2250 or BIOL 2030 and 2040?

We recommend KIN majors take KIN 2150 and KIN 2250 because it will better prepare you for your KIN classes. For some students interested in applying to a professional school, taking BIOL 2030 and 2040 may be preferred. One advantage of the new KIN curriculum is that students can take KIN 2150 and 2250 which will help with KIN classes. Then later, if they want, students can take BIOL 2030 and 2040 for their free electives.


If I took some courses that were removed from the old curriculum, could I use those towards classes I haven’t completed when I switch to the new curriculum?

Yes. Course substitutions might be available depending on the class. For example, KIN 3700 can be substituted for KIN 3650. Please see an advisor and discuss if any of your classes can be used as course substitutions.


If I took MATH 1020, do I still need to take MATH 1081?

No. If you took MATH 1020 before Fall 2020, we can substitute this for MATH 1081. 


I saw in the program sheets, there are “suggested free electives.” Do I need to take these classes?

Students will likely need to take free electives in order to reach the 120-unit requirement for graduation. The suggested free electives are classes we recommend to prepare students for after graduation (i.e. PT school admission, teaching credential, etc.). To check if you are on track on meeting your 120-units, please see an advisor.


I'm not sure if I'm already on new curriculum, how would I know?

If you started at Cal State LA as a freshman after 2017 or as a transfer after 2019, you may already be on the new curriculum. To confirm, check your Degree Planner in GET, if it says Catalog Year of Fall Semester 2020, then, you are already on the new curriculum. If the Catalog Year is older than Fall 2020, then you're on the old curriculum.


How do I get on the new curriculum?

Make an appointment with an HHS advisor and ask them to switch.


How do I get more information about the new KIN curriculum?

Contact Ashlie Garcia ([email protected]), she can help you decide if the new curriculum is right for you.