Our Mission, Values, and Vision


The Health Careers Advisement Office at Cal State L.A. aims to provide excellent resources and support so as to mobilize our diverse student body to successfully enter health professions schools and go on to serve in communities of need.


  • ADVISE: Exposing Cal State L.A. students to a diversity of health careers, and effectively coaching them to maximize their competetiveness as candidates.
  • CONNECT:  Cultivating a vibrant pre-health community of current students, faculty, staff, alumni and local practitioners.
  • EDUCATE: Inspiring students to serve in a capacity that impacts their local communities.


  • INTEGRITY: We aim to give students our highest quality of service, and expect students to give their highest degree of effort.
  • EQUITY & INCLUSION: We aim to ameliorate health care disparities through intentionally preparing students who will diversify the healthcare workforce as well as address inequalities through their healthcare practice. 
  • COLLABORATION: We aim to work across departments, colleges, universities and health care communities to better serve and resource our students.