GWAR Courses for Graduate Students

These courses serve to satisfy the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).  Students must earn a grade of C or above to satisfy the GWAR.

Master’s Programs

Graduate Course to meet GWAR

College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology

Civil Engineering, M.S.

CE 5500

Computer Science, M.S.

CS 5337 or CS 5035

Electrical Engineering, M.S.

EE 5020

Materials Science, M.S.

MSE 5350

Mechanical Engineering, M.S.

ME 5830

Industrial Management, M.S.

TECH 5900

College of Health and Human Services

Child Development, M.A.

CHDV 5000

Communicative Disorders, M.A.

COMD 5750

Criminalistics, M.S.

CRLT 5150

Kinesiology, M.S.

KIN 5040

Nursing, M.S.

NURS 5900

Nutritional Science, M.S.

NTRS 5110

Public Health, MPH (DTLA only)

PH 5230

Social Work, MSW

SW 5401

College of Natural and Social Sciences

Anthropology, M.A.

ANTH 5100

Biology, MS

BIOL 5200

Chemistry, M.S.

CHEM 5100

Environmental Science, M.S.

BIOL 5200 or  CE 4790 or SOC 4870 or GEOL 4840 or SOC 4870 or GEOG 4690 or SOC 4870


Geography, M.A.

GEOG 5940

Geological Sciences, M.S.

GEOL 5630

History, M.A.

HIST 5940

Latin American Studies, M.A.

LAS 5080

Mathematics, M.S.

MATH 5021 or 5401 or 5680

Physics, M.S.

PHYS 5420

Political Science, M.A.

POLS 5100

Psychology, M.A., M.S.

PSY 5040

Public Administration, MPA

POLS 5700

Sociology, M.A.

SOC 5010

College of Ethnic Studies

Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies, M.A.



CLS 5010

College of Business and Economics

Accounting, M.S.

ACCT 5750

Business Administration, M.S.

BUS 5000/BUS 5930

Administration, MBA

BUS 5000/BUS 5022

Economics, M.A.

ECON 5200

Information Systems, M.S.

CIS 5040

Healthcare Management, M.S.

MGMT 5300


BUS 5001

College of Arts and Letters

Art, M.A.

Art 5310

Art, MFA

Art 5310

Communication Studies, M.A

COMS 5500

English, M.A.

ENGL 5002

Music, M.A.

MUS 5000

Music, M.M.

MUS 5000

Philosophy, M.A.

PHIL 4100 or PHIL 4200 or

PHIL 4600  or PHIL 4700

Spanish, M.A.

ML 4000

Television, Film and Media Studies, MA

TVF 5010, TVF 5050, TVF 5060, TVF 5070, TVF 5150

Television, Film and Theatre, MFA

TVFT 5650

Charter College of Education

Counseling, M.S.

COUN 5003

Education, M.A.

EDFN 5000 or EDFN 5050

Educational Administration, M.A.

EDFN 5000 or EDFN 5050

Educational Foundations, M.A.

EDFN 5000 or EDFN 5050

Educational Technology, MA

EDFN 5000

Special Education, M.A.

EDSP 5800

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), M.A.

EDUC 4000 or EDFN 5000