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This Form is Used to:

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GS-1A: Transfer Course Level Evaluation


[FORM DISCONTINUED; now completed via GET. Consult with your faculty graduate advisor regarding this.]

GS-5: Course Substitution


[FORM DISCONTINUED; now completed via GET. Consult with your faculty graduate advisor regarding this.]

GS-8: Graduate Student/Post-Baccalaureate Status Change

  • Change a student's classification status from Conditionally Classified to Classified 
  • Advance a doctoral student to candidacy
  • Add a credential or certificate to a student's program
  • Discontinue a student from a graduate program
  • Place a student on academic probation or place them in good academic standing

College Associate Dean's Office





GS-10: Advancement to Candidacy Form

  • Advance a master's student to candidacy
  • Establish the culminating experience for a master's student
  • Establish a faculty committee for a student completing a thesis or project
Email completed form to [email protected] and copy (cc) [email protected], the faculty graduate advisor, and the student

GS-13: Approval Page for Graduate Thesis, Project Report, or Dissertation (link)

  • Approve a student's thesis, project, or dissertation
Email completed form to [email protected]

GS-14: Approval of Thesis or Project Proposal

  • Approve a student's proposal for a thesis or project

Academic Department

*Not all departments require this form. Check with graduate advisor 

GS-15: 4+1 Program Approval*

*Only for use by the College of ECST and BE

  • Change the status of a student admitted into a blended (4+1) program from the B-Career to the G-Career

Email completed form to [email protected] and copy (cc) [email protected], the faculty graduate advisor, and the student

Credit By Exam

  • Request permission to receive credit for courses by examination (4000- or 5000-level only)
Academic Department

General Academic Petition for Graduate Requirements

  • Petition review of certain University academic regulations when extenuating circumstances exist

Email the completed form, and all relevant evidence that supports the petition, to the Office of Graduate Studies ([email protected])

Course Validation 

  • Validate an expired course (after petition is approved)
College Associate Dean's Office

Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Coursework

  Email completed form to [email protected] 

GWAR Substitution Petition (formerly WPE Waiver)


[FORM DISCONTINUED due to Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement changes.]

Related Forms

Petition for Student Leaves of Absence (Records & Enrollment, Office of the Registrar)​
Graduate students are granted a leave for a maximum of 2 semesters, subject to renewal. Continuing students' allowed absence of 1 semester is included in these maxima. Summer and winter terms are not included in these totals.