International Graduate Student Peer Support Program

The International Graduate Student Peer Support Program (Grad Peers) at Cal State LA is aimed at supporting new international graduate students in their transition to the campus and local community. Incoming international students are matched with domestic or continuing international graduate students in a program designed to foster positive peer relationships, enrich the social life of graduate students, and promote retention. Graduate students have two opportunities for involvement: 1) as a new international graduate student seeking support, and 2) as a domestic or continuing international student who provides support as a Graduate Student Ambassador.

New International Graduate Students​

Welcome to California State University, Los Angeles!

As a new international graduate student, you are invited to join our growing program to enhance your social experience as a graduate student at Cal State LA! As a member of this program, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of events with other graduate students in the program that will allow you to experience the community and culture of both California State University Los Angeles and the Greater Southern California community.

Our goal is to help you in your transition to life in Los Angeles by providing information regarding campus resources and communicating with you regularly.

As a new International Graduate Student, this will be your role:

  • You will be matched with a Graduate Student Ambassador who will help guide you through your social experience as a graduate student at Cal State LA;
  • Your matched Graduate Student ambassador will communicate with you regularly one-on-one throughout the academic year;
  • Although this is not an academic support group, many of our Graduate Student Ambassadors also excel in their academic lives and pass on their advice and wisdom about how to succeed;
  • You will a great time at our social and cultural events! Some activities from last year included:
    • Trip to the Getty Villa
    • Beach Trip to Santa Monica
    • Movie nights on Campus
    • Hiking trip
    • A lot of free food and great fellowship!

You will meet your matched Graduate Student Ambassador at a "Meet and Greet" event sponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies.

SPACE IN THIS PROGRAM IS LIMITED! Apply today to secure your spot! 

Graduate Student Ambassadors

We are currently accepting applications from domestic graduate students or experienced international graduate students in all academic disciplines who are interested in volunteering as Graduate Student Ambassadors. As a Graduate Student Ambassador and a representative of Cal State LA, you will be an important point of contact for the incoming international graduate student eager to explore the countless possibilities available to them during their time on campus.

As a volunteer Graduate Student Ambassador, your role will be to:

  • Assist first year international graduate students with their transition (examples: answer questions, provide a campus tour, introduce them to campus resources, share your perspectives as a graduate student).
  • Communicate one-on-one regularly with your matched international student(s) throughout the academic year (examples: meet for coffee, call to check in, exchange emails).
  • Participate in Grad Peers-sponsored social and cultural events. You are also encouraged to participate in off-campus events with your matched international student(s) as your schedule allows.

Some of the benefits of being a Graduate Student Ambassador include:

  • A Certificate of Recognition upon completion of the program and an invitation to attend the Graduate Student Recognition Reception as guests of the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Social events sponsored free of charge by Grad Peers.
  • Networking opportunity and ideas exchange with graduate students from around the globe.
  • Résumé or CV enhancement as a global professional.
  • New friendships and opportunities for collaboration.

Graduate Student Ambassors will a mandatory orientation with the program coordinator. Ambassadors will meet their international student(s) at a "Meet and Greet" event sponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies.

How to Apply and Timeline

Please read the position descriptions (linked below) for New International Student and Graduate Student Ambassador. Descriptions include time commitment, qualification minimums, and roles and responsibilities. Fill out the appropriate application (linked below) and email it to [email protected] or drop it off in person to the Office of Graduate Studies (Library North A124) no later than the stated deadline.

  • New International Graduate Student. Description | Application
    Application deadline: August 12, 2016. Notification of status: August 19, 2016.
  • Graduate Student Ambassador. Description | Application
    Application deadline: August 12, 2016. Notification of status: August 19, 2016.

Thank you for your interest! Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


Office of Graduate Studies
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