GRC Webinars

Several webinars are offered each term in the Graduate Resource Center. Complete the webform below to register for as many of the GRC webinars as you'd like. We in the GRC encourage you to take advantage of as many of these skill-building opportunities as possible to maximize your academic and professional development during your graduate program. You will receive the Zoom Meeting information via email one week prior (if you register that far in advance) and again on the morning of the webinar.

Fall 2020 Workshop Flyer


Culminating Experience Webinar Series

Getting Started on the Thesis 

Learn about the University requirements for preparing for the thesis, project, or dissertation and learn a few strategies to help prepare your writing process. This workshop is especially useful for master’s students entering their second year.

Thesis Formatting and Submission

Learn about the University requirements for thesis formatting and submission, including major deadlines and forms. Students completing a thesis and graduating during Fall 2020 should attend this workshop.

Preparing for the Comprehensive Exam

This workshop will cover a few strategies for preparing for the Comprehensive Exam, regardless of your academic department, with a focus on how the curriculum of the program relates to the exam.

Graduate and Doctoral Program Application Webinar Series

Applying to Graduate and Doctoral Programs 

Learn how to choose the right graduate or doctoral program for you and how to prepare your program applications.

Writing the Statement of Purpose 

Learn how to draft a strong and unique Statement of Purpose for graduate and doctoral applications.

Writing and Professional Development Webinar Series

Preparing to Write a Research Paper

Learn about some common organizational structures of research papers and how to write using an academic voice. This webinar will also cover a few campus tools that facilitate research paper writing.

Managing Your Time In Distance Learning

Learn some tips and skills to avoid distractions and make better use of your time at home.


Please share any topics on which you would like the Graduate Resource Center to develop a workshop. Topics could be related to academic and/or professional development, or to health and wellness for graduate students. A few topics will be chosen to be developed into workshops every semester and summer term.