Office of General Education




What we do

The Office of General Education provides assistance to faculty and staff in planning and improving GE curriculum and students through processing GE petitions. The goal is to assure that the GE program provides student achievement of General Education outcomes through diverse pathways that reflect students' interest and their passion for learning. This goal is met partly by careful curriculum and course design and partly by intentional selection of courses by student in the GE program. Resources in this web site and at this office can help with course design and assessing the efficacy of the program through evaluation of student learning. Students' intentional selection of courses for their GE Program is best accomplished with the help of advisors, carefully matching courses that you are interested in balanced with your major requirements.

Importance of GE

General Education has been described as being an essential element of a well rounded education. More recently, it has been also attributed to providing a competitive edge by developing core intellectual proficiencies, better interpersonal skills, and more At this site are  links to resources for faculty who teach and develop GE courses and resources for students to maximize the impact of their education at Cal State LA through deliberate choice of their GE courses!