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Summer Pell Grant FAQ

Summer Pell Grant website, FAQs:

Why must I take 6 units during the summer in order to qualify for the Pell 2 Award?

A:  This is a federal minimum requirement

Can I take 6 units from two different summer sessions in order to be considered half-time?

A:  Yes. Units from the May intersession and all summer sessions count towards the minimum 6 unit requirement for Pell 2 eligibility.   

Why do I still have a balance?

A:  The maximum Pell Grant can assist with up to 85% of summer tuition.  To calculate your balance and how much you would need to pay for summer, please utilize the Summer 2022 Cost Worksheet.  Students with remaining balances may apply for a Spring 22 or Summer‘22 direct loan.  To do so, students must complete a Summer financial aid request by April 22nd.

How much Pell Grant can I get?

A:  The maximum Pell Grant that you are eligible for is already posted in GET for summer and reflects full-time enrollment.  If you enroll in less than 12 units, the Pell Grant will be prorated.  For example, students who are eligible for a full-time award of $3,248 and enroll in 6 units will qualify for $1,624. 

Will summer Pell affect my 2022-2023 Pell Grant or future eligibility?

A:  It will not affect the 2022-2023 eligibility amount but it will affect a student’s Pell LEU (Lifetime Eligibility Used).  In other words, using the Pell Grant for summer will reduce a student’s remaining eligibility for the remainder of their academic program.

I don’t see my Pell Grant but my friends already received theirs?

A:  Some students may not have a full term of eligibility and/or have a graduation date of Spring ‘22.  If you believe you should have a Pell Grant but don’t see one, please confer with your financial aid advisor for specific award amounts and eligibility. 

What happens if I don't enroll in 6 summer units because I drop a class or a class gets canceled?

A:  The Pell Grant will not disburse and student will be responsible for the outstanding balance.  If you withdraw and do not complete any of the classes, you will be subject to the R2T4 (Return of Title IV) calculation.  For more details on R2T4, please visit:  Return to Title IV

When do I need to pay the difference and when can I register?

A:  Tuition payment is required  before registering for classes unless a student is awarded sufficient financial aid grants, loans, or scholarships; or is sponsored by a third party; or is participating in a payment plan, that will cover full tuition and fees.  All payments must be received by the deadline date for more information visit the Cal State LA Summer Website.  

What happens to the Pell Grant if I don't enroll in Summer and what happens if I don’t use it for summer?

A: Any Pell Grant or portion that is not used (disbursed) for the summer will not be counted towards the Pell Grant lifetime limit. 

When will the Pell Grant be disbursed?

A:  Students who have remaining Pell Grant eligibility from the 2021-22 Fall/Spring semesters will receive their Pell Grant in mid June (actual date to be announced shortly) .  Students who have exhausted their 2021-22 Pell Grant and are receiving the Summer Pell Grant will receive their Pell Grant mid-July (actual date to be announced shortly)

Will the Pell Grant be disbursed to me or to the school?

A:  It will be disbursed directly to your student account to satisfy the tuition balance.  If you receive a student loan in combination with your Pell Grant, the credit will be issued directly to you after the summer tuition balance has been satisfied.