Summer 2021

How and When to Request Summer Financial Aid

Pell Grant eligible students who have one full term of remaining Pell Grant eligibility will have their Pell Grant award automatically posted to their financial aid award for Summer 2021.  Students who wish to pursue federal loan options should submit a Summer financial aid request may be submitted beginning, Thursday, February 18, 2021.  The deadline to apply is April 23, 2021.  Students must have a complete financial aid file to be considered for summer funding.  Students should check their “TO DO” list on GET to determine if they have any outstanding and required documents.  Summer financial aid requests WILL NOT be processed for students with outstanding financial aid documents. 

Summer Fees and Payment Plans, Calendar, Class Schedule Information

Steps to apply (for loans only): 

  1. Complete a Cal State LA Summer 2021 Financial Aid Summer financial aid request (Closed April 23, 2021).

  2. PLAN AHEAD!  Meet with your Financial Aid Advisor to verify if you have any remaining eligibility from the current 2020-21 academic year that can be used for Summer 2021.

  3. If you wish to take advantage of your student loan options, please complete the loan process during the current academic year. The deadline is April 23, 2021. 

General Eligibility for Summer Financial Aid:

  • Must have not exhausted financial aid eligibility for the 2020-21 academic year. For more information and details on remaining financial aid eligibility, please inquire with the Financial Aid Office. 
  • Must be a matriculated degree-seeking student at Cal State LA.
  • Must be enrolled in summer classes (College of Professional and Global Education and/or main campus) that will count toward CSU undergraduate, graduate, or post baccalaureate programs.
  • Must be in good academic standing with the university.
  • Must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards for financial aid at the conclusion of the 2020-2021 Spring term in order to receive a disbursement.  For more SAP information, please visit the site.
  • Must have filed a 2020-21 FAFSA, complete the required financial aid process, and meet all applicable eligibility requirements and deadlines.
  • Must be enrolled in at least six units through state-supported classes to be eligible for a State University Grant (SUG).  Please be aware that most summer term classes are not state-supported
  • Must be enrolled in at least six units to be eligible for a Summer Federal Direct loan disbursement.

Types of Financial Aid Programs Available

The Federal Pell Grant, State University Grant (SUG), and Direct Loan programs are available to assist matriculated, degree-seeking Cal State LA students, enrolling in state-support and/or self-support classes that count towards their CSU undergraduate, graduate, and approved post baccalaureate programs.  Alternative private education loans, which are based on a student's and/or their parents’ credit, may also be available.

IMPORTANT:  Financial Aid is limited to the annual limit of their financial aid award.  This means that the student may not receive a financial aid award that exceeds the maximum amount allotted for one academic year.  For more information on your remaining financial aid eligibility, please inquire with the Financial Aid Office.

Federal Pell Grant Program:

The Pell Grant is awarded to undergraduate students seeking a Bachelor's degree or officially admitted into a post-baccalaureate teaching credential program. Award amounts vary on the student's level of need and enrollment status. Awards will be prorated for students enrolled less than full-time. 

Students who utilized their entire annual Pell Grant award for the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) are now eligible to receive up to a full term of Pell Grant for Summer ’21. For more information, please visit Summer Pell Grant.

Direct Loan Program:

Students must have remaining annual loan eligibility to qualify.  For details on the annual loan limit, please visit the site. Students who have not accepted or used their annual loan amount for 2020-21 are encouraged to request and accept their loan prior to the end of the Spring ’21 semester.  To do so, please submit the Summer financial aid request (coming soon!) and accept your loan via your Cal State LA GET account no later than April 23, 2021.

State University Grant (SUG):

NOTE:  Most summer term classes are not state-supported

The State University Grant (SUG) is designated to cover the State University Fee (SUF) portion of a student's tuition fee.  Students must be enrolled in at least 6 units in state-supported summer classes.  The SUG program is available to California residents and students with an AB540 status who are pursuing their first undergraduate, credential, graduate and post-baccalaureate degrees. State University Grants will be awarded based on the availability of funds and student eligibility.   Here is the complete State University Grant (SUG) funding policy.

Private Student Alternative Loans:

This option may be available for students who have exhausted their federal financial aid eligibility.  Because these are considered consumer loans, you are encouraged to conduct your own research to determine which lender best meets your needs.