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Step 1: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Before you begin filing a paper FAFSA, please be advised that the recommended method of application to file a FAFSA is electronically.  To file electronically, go to FAFSA on the Web.

Submit your FAFSA to the federal processor. (The Cal State L.A. federal school code is 001140). There are two ways to submit the FAFSA.

The Paper FAFSA is available in high school guidance offices, local libraries and financial aid offices of all local community colleges and universities. Because they are readily available, the Center for Student Financial Aid does not mail the FAFSA.

  • Note that all California residents filing applications on or before the March 2nd deadline should apply for the Cal Grant programs.
  • California residents and AB540 students may apply for Cal Grant A or B by completing a GPA Verification Form. This form may be found through the California Student Aid Commission and submitted to the Registrar for completion.
  • The GPA Verification Form must be submitted to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) by March 2, 2022 for the 2022-23 academic year. 
  • High School Students:  California High Schools should submit a complete GPA file to CSAC for all graduating seniors by October 1, 2021.  Check with your High School for details and to ensure that this process is completed. 
  • Cal State LA students:  Those who are currently enrolled but do not have a Cal Grant but are interested in applying must submit a FAFSA.  However, they do not need to submit a GPA verification form as the information will be submitted electronically by the Registrar’s Office. 

Visit California Student Aid Commission for more information and to print the GPA Verification form.

Step 2: Document Request

AFTER we receive your application information from the central processor, the Center for Student Financial Aid may send you a request for additional documents.

  • Update your address with the University to ensure that you will receive important mailings.

Step 3: Document Submission

You should promptly submit all documents requested by the Center for Student Financial Aid. You may mail or submit them in person during office hours.

Important Tips:

  • All documents must be complete, legible, and accurate, with appropriate signatures, if needed.
  • List clearly your name, CIN#, and social security number (if applicable) on each form.
  • Keep a copy of all documents submitted, for your records.