Solidarity Statement by the Zurita-Lopez Research Lab

June 2020

Solidarity Statement

The members of the Zurita-Lopez lab stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in order to abolish obvious examples of state violence, including militarized forces that are employed under the pretext of providing security. We believe that the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department on May 25, 2020, as well as the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others, are obvious examples of a white supremacist structure that must change. As we reflect on our experiences, we recognize that voter suppression, lack of adequate social support, and the underfunding/limited access to quality education and educational opportunities have historically and systematically disenfranchised people of color, especially Black people. We also recognize that the Coronavirus pandemic has exposed many inequalities in our own communities and are committed to contributing to solutions that will help eradicate policies and programs that disproportionally affect communities of color. We feel that our voices need to be heard so that the silence of institutions is not mistaken for tacit approval. This lab represents people of color (Asian, Black, Indigenous, LatinX, etc.), as well as allied people. As members of the STEM community, we recognize that we are not exempt from systemic racial injustice. Western science has long benefited from and driven the oppression of Black people. We, therefore, are speaking up.  We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, as it is necessary not only for the building of a socially just and accountable Science but also for the development of a socially just and accountable World.


Lab Alumni

Aron Mendiola

Aron Mendiola, BS 2016, MS 2018 Chemistry, Biochemistry Option

Lab group 2015

Lab Group 2015: Frown Row: Alejandra Rios, Mariel Mendoza, Krista Marrero, Back Row: Cecilia Zurita-Lopez, Alex Meza, Thomas Iwamoto, Roxana Eggleston-Rangel, Alex Ortiz, Immaculeta Osuji, Chase Ryker Muson



MS Class of 2016



MS Class of 2016: Alejandra Rios, Physics, Immaculeta Osuji, Biochemistry and Mariel Mendoza, Biochemistry

Immaculata Osuji 2016

Immaculeta Osuji, MS Chemistry, Biochemisitry Option, Class of 2016

Lab group 2015

Lab Group 2015: Front Row: Immaculetta Osuji, Mariel Mendoza, Krista Marrero, Back Row: Chase Ryker Muson, Cecilia Zurita-Lopez, Alejandra Rios, Peter McDermott