Hydrogen Fueling Operation

Cal State L.A. & CaFCP featured on Prophets of Science Jules Verne episode. Click on image below to launch & select Water as Fuel

1st 700-Bar fill- GM Equinox fuel cell vehicle

350-Bar - Quantum Ford Escape: Internal Combustion Engine

"Hydrogen Station" lettering added to the canopy

"Hydrogen Research Facility" lettering & Cal State L.A. logo added to the wall

1st Responder Training conducted by Jennifer Hamilton from the California Fuel Cell Partnership. Doug Sato from Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. provided an overview of the Highlander fuel cell vehicle to 1st responders. Representatives from Compton, Monterey Park, L.A. City and L.A. County Fire participated in the 1st Responder Training. Students from the Fire Fraternity at Cal State L.A. also participated.

Thank you to Jennifer & Doug for a great session!

Power, Energy & Transportation at CSULA

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Our Long Range Goal

California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State L.A.), through its Power, Energy and Transportation curriculum, has embarked on a long range effort to become a leader in the area of teaching sustainable energy systems and to engage in relevant applied research to mitigate the chronic problems of fossil fuel energy dependence and air pollution. The centerpiece of the University’s effort is the construction and deployment of a sustainable hydrogen production and dispensing facility.

From the outset of the planning of the State of California’s Hydrogen Highway earlier this decade, Cal State L.A. has been considered as the cornerstone location for placement of a hydrogen fueling station. Our campus location offers significant advantages. Our location places hydrogen fuel availability within five miles of downtown Los Angeles, within driving range of other hydrogen stations funded by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and within close proximity of several major freeways: 10, 710, 110, 5, 210, 105 and 605.  More specifically we are located at the intersection of the 10 and the 710 freeways and within three (3) miles of the 110 freeway.  Click HERE to view the location.

Another significant factor in locating a station at Cal State L.A., is the assured usage by the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to utilize our station.

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