Gail Washington

Photo of Dr. G. Washington
College of Health & Human Services
Department of Nursing
Office Location: ST 401
Phone: 323-343-4700 Email: [email protected]


Dr. Washington joined the CSULA faculty in Fall 2002. She is a Professor and Director of the School of Nursing.


Dr. Washington teaches multiple upper division nursing courses as well as master's and Doctoral level research courses. Her teaching interests include: Health Disparities and Instrument Development.


Dr. Washington's research interests include: health disparities, quality of life for older adult, chronic illness and instrument development. She received the "Outstanding Research" award from Louisiana State University Health Science Center for her dissertation: "Modification and Psychometric Testing of the Reminiscence Functions Scale with Ethnically Diverse Older Adult Community Residents". She has received multiple honors and awards.


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2003         Doctorate in Nursing
                 Louisiana State University Health Science Center
                 New Orleans, Louisiana

1997         M.S.N.
                 Role Focus: Nursing Education
                 Drake University
                 Des Moines, Iowa

1993         B.S.N. (Magnum Cum Laude)
                 Drake University
                 Des Moines, Iowa