Chogollah Maroufi

Charter College of Education
Department of Educational Foundation & Interdiv Studies
Office Location: KH A2048
Phone: 323-343-5115 Email: [email protected]



We need to examine all our cherished notions and beliefs in education, bottom-up, top-bottom, inside-out, and outside-in. It's a complicated and worthwhile task. We need to re-imagine education as a socio-politico-theological system, and reintroduce absurdity and skepticism, and even a sprinkling of cynicism and nihilism, as tools of learning and instruction. Education should be used to teach to question everything and anything and dismantle all sorts of fundamentalism and unquestioned certainties deeply embedded in education and elsewhere, especially in religions. Education should be used as a source of individual liberation and empowerment, and as a force for social transformation, equality, justice, and freedom.


Curriculum and instruction (philosophy, principles, methods of instruction) Foundational studies (the role of philosophical skepticism in education, socio-psychological foundations of learning and instruction, philosophy of education, political and moral education, learning and motivation theories, methods of teaching and learning.


Socio-cultural and socio-psychological foundations of learning and instruction.

Representative Professional Activities



May 17, 2003Keynote speaker for the Conference for Early Childhood Development
2003-05Book reviews for McGraw-Hill, Longman, and others.
2004Paper in progress for Philosophy of Education Conference in August, 04: Kant's notion of respect for moral education



Ph.D. C&I and Foundations Studies 1988
UCLA, Los Angeles

MA C&I 1979
Cal Poly, SLO San Luis Obispo, CA

MA School Administration 1080
Cal Poly, SLO San Luis Obispo

MA Philosophy 2004/05--MA thesis in progress
Cal State, LA Los Angeles

MA English 2005/06
Cal State, LA Los Angeles