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Message from the Dean

DEan Julianne MalveauxWelcome to the College of Ethnic Studies. We are the newest college on campus, one of only two Colleges of Ethnic Studies in the state and, perhaps, the nation. With three academic departments (Asian and Asian American Studies, Chicana(o)/Latina(o) Studies, and Pan-African Studies) in our College, we represent the future of engaged scholarsip, filling the craters of knowledge left when only traditional thinking shapes the curriculum.

As the former President of Bennett College, an HBCU for women, I often reminded students that history belongs to SHE who holds the pen.  It is an appeal to embrace a truth that many may ignore and an invitation to tell our own stories, in our way, with our scholarship.  To repeat the proverb in a less gendered way, until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter. 

Conventional curriculum and pedagogy will not tell the story of the economic envy that drove the crazed racists to destroy Black Wall Street.  It will not remind us that California essentially annexed Mexico who annexed Indigenous people’s land.  And it surely will not amplify the shameful episode of Japanese internment, nor the role Chinese immigrants played in building California’s railroads.  It will not speak to the activism, resilience and plethora of contributions to this nation by racial and ethnic communities.  Conventional pedagogy will not illuminate these truths, but we in the College of Ethnic Studies will.

I look at this assignment as a joyful challenge and embrace our possibilities.  I expect to communicate with our community regularly.  I am looking forward to hearing from you with ideas about our steps forward, and I anticipate years working together.

I am grateful to President Covino and Provost Gomez for their support and for the many ways they have laid the foundation for this College of Ethnic Studies.  I am delighted with the partnership that our department chairs will provide.  I must also recognize the activists whose years of agitation laid the groundwork for this college and to a phenomenal legislator and educator, Dr. Shirley Weber, whose sponsorship of AB 1460 created the ethnic studies requirement in all 23 of the Cal State campuses.

We’ve only just begun to train lions to create the curriculum and pedagogy that the hunters would ignore.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions. 

A luta continua,

Julianne Malveaux