GO East LA

President Covino visits an elementary school as part of the GO East L.A. program

The GO East LA: A Pathway for College and Career Success initiative was created in May 2014 to promote greater academic outcomes for all East L.A. students by focusing on college awareness, preparation, completion, and career readiness.

GO East L.A. program 2Modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zones initiative, GO (Great Outcomes) East LA is a partnership between Los Angeles Unified School District, East Los Angeles College, and Cal State LA that recognizes that success in higher education and career readiness begins at early childhood and that support for families is a group effort between schools, community, government and businesses.

Garfield High School and its feeder schools are the pilot sites for this initiative, which includes guaranteed admission to Cal State LA and ELAC for students who meet the minimum transfer or enrollment requirements.

Through sustained engagement with community, school, and business partners, GO East L.A. seeks to meet the following goals:

  • Every child being prepared to enter school
  • Every child being supported in his or her academic pursuits
  • Every student being successful academically and enrolling in postsecondary education
  • Every student completing a postsecondary certificate or degree and enter a viable career
  • The community being provided with the human resources, drawn from within, that employers need to be successful

To this end, Garfield High School, East Los Angele College, and Cal State LA will work with business and community partners, families and students to:

  • Increase college awareness, access and preparation through ongoing outreach efforts and ensuring a guaranteed pathway to college completion for all students
  • Expand opportunities to complete college credits while enrolled at Garfield and its feeder schools and to ensure that these opportunities accelerate college preparedness and align with career pathways developed to support the East Los Angeles community
  • Expand career pathways and career readiness opportunities through expanded partnerships with business partners, early exposure to career opportunities and the use of internships to expose students to potential careers
  • Partner with the community to develop a support network to support student success
  • Provide the needed student support services to enhance college completion and student success
  • Cal State LA will guarantee admission to all Garfield High School graduates who meet the minimum Cal State LA freshman admission requirements for their selected major.
  • ELAC will guarantee admission to all Garfield students into a first year program that will allow full-time enrollment in courses leading to college completion
  • Except for Nursing, Cal State LA will guarantee admission to all ELAC students who meet the minimum Cal State LA transfer admission requirements for their selected major. Be aware, to be considered a transfer student from ELAC, students must (1) earned the majority of their transferrable units at ELAC and immediately attended ELAC prior to transferring to Cal State LA; or (2) earned an Associate’s Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T) from ELAC in a deemed similar program to their desired Cal State LA major.