Occupational Safety

The Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) office endeavors to prevent occupational exposures and accidents through the establishment of workplace health and safety standards for all University Facilities containing potentially hazardous substances, conditions, and/or practices. In general, these standards are adopted from CAL/OSHA regulations, which are required for all employers to administer in a workplace environment. Contained within this site are the University's occupational safety and health procedures and guidelines that guide administrators, Departments, and the general campus community on a safe working/educational experience.

Specific incidents/reports of unsafe conditions or hazardous situations should be reported to extensions 3-3549, 3-3531, or 3-3527. For chemical spills or hazardous material incidents contact extensions 3-3549, 3-3531, or 3-3527. After hours contact Public Safety Dispatch at 3-3700 for emergency situations.

To report an unsafe condition, file a Hazard Incident Report or email Adrina Isakhani with Risk Management / Environmental Health and Safety.

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