Chemical and Laboratory Safety

The health and safety of personnel (staff, students, and visitors) in a laboratory and/or non-laboratory environment in which hazardous or potentially hazardous materials or substances are used is the concern of everyone at this University. A “safety first” attitude emphasizes hazard identification and risk minimization as a part of any laboratory/chemical planning activity. Chemical Safety procedures and practices are designed to minimize potential exposure to hazardous materials.

Chemical/Laboratory safety issues affecting faculty, students, and staff are coordinated and implemented through the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Office. If you have questions about Chemical/Laboratory Safety, email [email protected] or call (323) 343-3531. We invite you to visit our office located in Corporation Yard 244 and openly discuss your ideas to enhance the overall effectiveness of this program.


Laboratory Safety Committee

The LSC will assist in the formulation of policies and procedures governing the use of hazardous materials, maintain surveillance as to the operational status and methodologies of the lab and chemical safety programs and all labs using hazardous materials, and perform other duties as needed so as to ensure the protection of all staff, faculty, students and visitors as well as University resources and reputation.

Lab Safety Committee Minutes and Agendas

Safety Data Sheets (formerly MSDS)

Use the California State University on-line SDS Management System to find the material Safety Data Sheet you need.

This service is provided by Chemwatch and can be accessed from a campus computer without account or password information.

If you have trouble accessing the system or manipulating through the reports and screens, contact Nida Niravanh at extension 3-3527.


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