The EEP Honors Academy

June 10 - July 12, 2024

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The Honors Academy is a five-week immersive and experiential learning program designed for participants aged 11 to 15. This program offers an opportunity to engage in college-level academic workshops while fostering the independence and self-advocacy skills essential for university student life. As students will be unsupervised, they will learn to navigate the responsibilities and challenges of becoming university students. The Honors Academy serves as the second phase of the application process to assess student readiness for the Early Entrance Program at Cal State Los Angeles. The Honors Academy is Part 2 of the application process for potential admission to the Honors College through the EEP Pathway at Cal State Los Angeles.

*Students must be under 16 years of age by June 1 of the year in which they apply.

This Is EEP

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Enrolling in the EEP Honors Academy

Students may enroll in the Honors Academy only after receiving approval from The Academy’s Program Director. For applicant information, please contact the Early Entrance Program or call (323) 343-2287.

Program Cost: $1850

The Honors Academy Benefits

Overall, the Honors Academy focuses on significant aspects of meaningful learning, student culture, engagement, and collaboration to encourage effective accelerated learning. An invitation to the Honors Academy is a preliminary step that precedes an opportunity to begin a young scholar’s learning path at Cal State LA. Nonetheless, the Honors Academy experience will follow and benefit each and every student throughout their lifetime of learning. 

  • An introduction to Cal State LA featuring interactive discussions with current EEP students and alumni regarding university life, selecting a major, emotional wellness, careers in medicine, law, science, and more. 
  • Academic seminars in math, science, and the humanities are instructed by Cal State LA faculty. 
  • Experience group activities and discussions with like-minded peers. 
  • Enjoy field trips to spark curiosity, foster collaboration, and expand creativity. 
  • Benefit from inclusive access to the Early Entrance Program’s Collaborative Learning Center, a specially designated student space for EEP, Honors Academy, and Honors College students to socialize and study. 
  • Access university resources and activities, including the library, student union, bookstore, cafeteria/food court, and pool. 


Honors Academy 2024 Week 4 Schedule

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Missed Class Time Policy

 Honors Academy Summer 2023 rev. 6.8.23
Adapted from Cal State LA’s Missed Class Time Policy (Faculty Handbook)
Students may have a valid reason to miss a workshop in the Honors Academy.  When any of the following reasons directly conflict with workshop meeting times, the Honors Academy and faculty shall consider an excused absence.

The earliest possible notification is important. A student who expects to be absent from the academy for any valid reason should notify the instructors of the workshops as well as the Director of the Early Entrance Program. It also remains the responsibility of the student to arrange with instructors to make up any academic work missed.


Students are responsible for informing faculty members and the EEP Director of the reason for the absence and for arranging to make up missed assignments, tests, quizzes, and class work insofar as this is possible. Excused absences may include, but are not limited to:
   •Illness or injury to the student
   •Death, injury, or serious illness of a close relation
   •Religious reasons (California Education Code section 89320)
   •Jury duty or government obligation
   •University sanctioned or approved activities (examples include: artistic performances, forensics presentations; participation in research conferences, intercollegiate athletic activities, student government, required class field; trips, etc.)

The Honors Academy and individual faculty members may consider other grounds for excused absences.

Attendance is a crucial part of participation in the Honors Academy. Since student participation is essential, absence from these workshops may impact the work and participation of other students as well as the final evaluation of the work. Students who anticipate more than a single day of absence during the Honors Academy should consult with the EEP Director (who will need to consult with the faculty members) and submit an Honors Academy Petition to determine whether it will be possible to complete the requirements for the workshops.  Students who realize after enrollment that they will have extended or multiple absences should consult to see whether it will be possible to complete the academy requirements.

EEP Students On Podcast

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EEP Students On Podcast

EEP students spotlighted on the Think Like A Genius: The Wonderkind Podcast


Episode Description

One of the greatest myths about very bright kids is that they can figure things out and take care of themselves, when, in fact, they have significant needs. In this episode, we hear from kids about what it's really like to be 'the smart one,' and how to better understand - and discover - what they need to flourish.

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The University Honors Academy Office

King Hall D140
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, Ca 90032

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