The EEP Experience

The EEP Experience & Curriculum

Freshman Schedule of Curriculum

In order to ease the transition to university life, to simulate a traditional secondary school curriculum, to academically prepare students for upper division classes as well as grad school preparation, and to provide students the opportunity to share common academic and social experiences with their first and second year peers, Freshman EEP students are required to follow a common schedule of curriculum during the first full-time year** of study at Cal State LA.
Sample Early Entrance Program Freshman Schedule of Curriculum**




HNRS 1100: 

Reading Los Angeles - Communication (GE A1)

ENGL 1050:

Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking (GE A3)

ENGL 1010:

Accelerated College Writing (GE A2)

HNRS 1200 or HNRS 1300:

Reading Los Angeles - Culture or Community (GE C1)

POLS 1000:

Gov't & American Society (GE AMI) 

MATH 2110: Calculus 1

MATH 1040: Precalculus or

MATH 1090: Quantitative Reasoning w/

Statistics (GE A4)

HIST 2050:

Race and Ethnicity in U.S. History (GE AMI)

HNRS 1010:

Intro to Academic Inquiry (GE E)

Lower Division GE Block B: Science

HNRS 1000:

Student Success Workshops

(required course for entering EEP cohort)


** Curriculum is subject to change

*** All lower-division General Education courses must be taken within the first 90 units



EEP students would be advised on an individual basis and adjustments to the above schedule and regulations might be modified.

EEP students may opt to complete a number of General Education or major/degree-specific courses/units before formally declaring a major and choosing a faculty mentor.  EEP students are expected to select a major course of study sometime during their 1st two (2) years in attendance or 60-semester units completed. Based on the radical nature of the educational acceleration and the varying levels of experience, academic skill/acuity, maturity, and age, EEP students may petition for an extension of this policy regarding declaration of majors.  

EEP Students must maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA as an EEP undergraduate at Cal State LA. in order to maintain good standing as a member of the Honors College and remain eligible for Honors College scholarships (as available).

Life in EEP and After

EEP students are very active in campus life including participation in events, organizations, clubs, governing bodies, social programs and, of course, university academic departments and research efforts.  Each student may choose to be as involved as they wish with any extra-curricular activity or area of interest of their liking.  With the exception of student housing, college athletics, and Greek organizations, our EEP students under the age of 18 are eligible to join any organization on campus. As of the 2020-2021 academic year, there are 97 (63 Years 1-3 and 34 Year 4+ in EEP) EEP students pursuing their baccalaureate degrees at the university.

EEP students are also involved in intramural sports (when available), orchestra-jazz ensembles, University Times campus publication, the Creative Writing Club (CWC), the Model United Nations project and the Asian-American Fellowship among others.  The University Learning Services, Head Start, the CSU Federal Credit Union and many other part-time college employment opportunities, have employed EEP students.  EEP students have received numerous awards, scholarships and grants and are extremely active in campus and hometown community volunteer programs. 

These young scholars bring to Cal State L.A. a "spirit of community” by involving their families in campus events and activities and they enrich the classroom environments through their special perspectives as teenagers with extraordinary scholastic abilities.  Upon graduating, EEP students are a valuable link to some of our countries most prestigious universities, and their involvement as alumni includes advice and counsel for current EEP participants.

The future holds much promise for Cal State L.A.'s Early Entrance students who, instead of being forced to curtail their abilities and interests, are given the opportunity to explore their individual talents at a pace appropriate to their intelligence.  It is in their accomplishments as contributing adults that the full value of the program is realized.  EEP alumni can be found in a wide variety of careers including medicine, law, science, technology and education among many others.   As the EEP continues its growth many more highly gifted young students will have the opportunity to develop as adolescents and scholars en route to successful and productive lives.

We look forward to continuing to serve the special needs of highly gifted young scholars and hope that if the EEP were an opportunity you or your student would like to explore, that you would please contact us at [email protected]

Honors College Membership

Admitted EEP students are members of the Cal State LA Honors College, which provides select faculty and specially designed small classes with other Honors College students. All EEP students are required to complete the Honors College Curriculum, including completion of service hours and attendance at leadership enrichment events (effective Fall 2020). EEP students that meet all Honors College requirements during their academic program and remain in good standing will have the opportunity to graduate with Honors College recognition upon receiving their Baccalaureate degree from Cal State LA.