Application Information

EEP Admissions Criteria:

Prospective students must:

  • Be at least 11 years of age at the time of application and no older than 16 years of age by June 1st in the year of application  
  • Consistently score in the very top ranges on standardized ability and achievement tests
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform at an outstanding level in school
  • Demonstrate readiness for college through a record of appropriate, positive school behavior, and indication of strong socioemotional skills

EEP Admissions Process:

  1. Express interest in EEP. Register for our EEP Information Session. 
    1. Registration Link
      • Please keep in mind space is limited 
  2. Review the EEP Application Criteria and Guidelines: All prospective students will be required to meet application requirements 
  3. Submit an online application. Select students will be invited to participate in an on-campus interview.
  4. Virtual interview with EEP Program Staff & Faculty.  After completion of the interview, select students will be invited to participate in thSummer 2021 Honors Academy.
  5. Register for Honors Academy. Students must pay fees and attend orientation before starting in summer program.
  6. Participate in the Honors Academy. Students participate in a 5-week Honors Academy program during the summer. 
  7. EEP Admissions Offer and the Student’s Decision.  If the student is invited for admission to Cal State LA through the EEP pathway, the decision to enroll in college should be made by the student. Some qualified students may wish to remain in a traditional high school program, and that decision should be respected.Note: Students may reapply one time if they are age appropriate, not admitted to the Honors Academy, or have completed a previous Honors Academy but not recommended for admission to the university. Reapplicants will be required to submit a second completed application with current student data and a new set of letters of recommendation. Previous materials cannot be used.

Admission to Cal State LA through the Early Entrance Program is offered at the discretion of Honors College staff, EEP staff, and summer faculty. The Early Entrance Program is one pathway of many for young talented students to pursue advanced studies.



Application Link: (Application window is currently closed)


The student considered for admission to the Honors Academy Summer Program is one who:

  • Educational needs will be met in an accelerated pathway including college-level coursework
  • Demonstrates a strong desire to attempt a challenging educational program
  • Possesses adequate self-motivation, self-regulation, and appropriate behavior in a professional setting
  • Has a strong support network to undertake a program of radical educational acceleration, including but not limited to, financial support through culmination of degree/graduation
  • Has a history of advanced intellectual and academic achievement
  • Performs at a level indicating a readiness for college level work