Q & A: Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership at Cal State University, Los Angeles

1. Do I have to apply to the university through CSU APPLY and then Ed.D. Program?

Yes, you will want to apply to the university through CSU APPLY. After you have completed your CSU APPLY application, you can then apply to our Ed.D. Program. Our program is only open for a new cohort every Fall semester.

This program is not open for Spring 2021 admissions.


2. Am I required to take the GRE exam to get into the Ed.D. Program? Can the exam be waived?

Yes, you will need to have taken the GRE exam within 5 years of applying to the program. If you have not taken the GRE or your scores have expired (5+years), you will need to schedule a date to take your exam on the ETS website. You MUST have GRE scores to qualify for our doctoral program, no exceptions. This requirement cannot be waived in any circumstance.  NOTE: At the time of applying, if you do not have your scores you must have your scheduled test date email confirmation to upload onto the Ed.D. online application.


3. What is the difference between the two Ed.D. program options?

This would depend on your background experience. Our PreK-12 emphasis is for those students who have experience in the PreK-12 environment as it relates to education. Our postsecondary emphasis is more geared for those who wish to become administrator leaders in the community colleges and/or 4-year colleges. It is not true that you can only work at a community college or university if you choose our postsecondary emphasis. With an Ed.D. doctorate degree, you are able to “teach” or "lead" at a university despite the option you choose. 


4. Do I have to be working as a teacher educator to apply for the Ed.D. Program at Cal State LA?

No, our program is very diverse in regards to student’s backgrounds and plans for their future. This is a “leadership” doctorate program. This program is designed to steer you in the direction of being a leader in your field.


5. What is the difference between an Ed.D. and a Ph.D. education doctorate degree?

An Ed.D. is a doctoral degree which is recognized by the National Science Foundation, as equivalent to a Ph.D. The Ed.D. in Education combines many elements of higher learning instruction. Among these are skills development, research, problem-solving, theory and practice. Often, these professionals focus on creating curricula and improving education systems within a school district or postsecondary school system.

The Ph.D. in Education is earned through a research degree program designed for individuals whose career goals include teaching and conducting research at the university level. Most classes are research-based and include a specialization within the education field. Graduates may also work as researchers for nonprofit organizations, government agencies or institutional researchers.

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6. Is there financial assistance or scholarships for the Ed.D. Program at Cal State LA?

Most of our students are using financial aid assistance in the form of student loans by completing their yearly FAFSA applications. At times, there may be fellowships/scholarships that arise but there are no fellowships or scholarships specifically associated with the  Ed.D. Program at Cal State University, Los Angeles. Our EdD tuition fees are based on the legislation which requires our Ed.D. students to pay UC tuition fees.