Course Sequence

EdD Schedule

  • Classes meet Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:00 to 8:45/9:45 pm depending on the number of course units. Summer semester courses begin at 5:00pm
  • Every student will be placed in a lab on Friday evenings or Saturday early afternoons. The labs will meet 5 to 6 times a semester.
  • Our program is designed to be completed in three years with a total of 9 semesters (Fall, Spring and Summer)
  • All units are semester units and courses are taken in sequence.





Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership
Division of Applied & Advanced Studies in Education
Charter College of Education
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032-8143
Doctoral Office: King Hall C1065
Phone: 323-343-6164     Fax: 323-343-4252
Office Staff: Cathy Morales [email protected]
Division Staff: Betty Lee  [email protected]