PREM Faculty

The Faculty

California State University,
Los Angeles

Dr. Frank A. Gomez
Professor of Chemistry
Director, CSULA-Caltech Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) Collaborative
Office P.S. 809
[email protected]

Gomez's Research Site

Dr. Yong Ba
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office P.S. 801
[email protected]

Ba's Research Site

Dr. Matthias Selke
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office P.S. 703
[email protected]

Selke's Research Site

Dr. Wayne Tikkanen
Professor of Chemistry
Office P.S. 812
[email protected]

Tikkanen's Research Site

Dr. Alison McCurdy
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Office P.S. 709

[email protected]

McCurdy's Research Site

Jennifer Cedano
PREM Coordinator

[email protected]

California Institute of Technology

Dr. Axel Scherer
Bernard A. Neches Professor of Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics and Physics
MS 200-36
(626) 395-4691
[email protected]

Scherer's Research Site

Dr. Harry B. Gray
Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry and Founding Director of the Beckman Institute
408 Beckman
(626) 395-6500
[email protected]

Gray's Research Site

Dr. Julie Kornfield
Professor of Chemical Engineering
231 Spalding, MC 210-41
(626) 395-4138
[email protected]

Kornfield's Research Site

Dr. William Goddara
Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science and Applied Physics
321 Beckman Institute
(626) 395-2731
[email protected]

Goddara's Research Site