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NMR - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The Department is exceptionally well equipped in NMR. Our holdings include a 600 MHz and 400 MHz multinuclear/solids/variable temperature spectrometer and a 300 MHz instrument for routine proton.

If you need NMR time on the 300 NMR, here is the link to NMR Time Signup via Faces

For basic warnings and general information on the NMR Technician duties, please see NMR Policy Page

If you have any problem with the NMR equipment, please download the Request for NMR Time Request Form.

If you need to cancel an NMR reservation, please download the NMR Time Cancellation Form.

Mr. Dr. Ali Jabalameli, the NMR Facility Manager, is in charge of all NMR application and operation. Here he is adjusting a setting for one of two 400 MHz superconducting magnet Bruker NMR

Here, a Postdoc and Research Director work with one of two 400 MHz superconducting magnet Bruker NMR.

Shown here is the the Bruker 600MHz NMR spectrometer. This instrument has a multinuclear capability and is used in a variety of faculty research programs.

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