Magnetic Resonance Laboratory


The principal instrumentation consists of an AVANCETM 600WB NMR spectrometer, an AVANCE DRX 400 NMR spectrometer, and an EMX EPR spectrometer.

AVANCETM 600WB NMR Spectrometer

This is a superconducting wide bore shielded magnet system (field at 14.09 Tesla) with an 8.9 cm bore. The spectrometer console consists of three channels with one kilowatt amplifiers at each channel.

A Bruker multinuclear DVT CP-MAS 4 mm probe is dedicated to solid state protein characterization. This probe can be operated as a standard double resonance VT MAS probe or a 13C/15N/1H or 13C/17O/1H triple resonance probe. A Doty 4 mm, XC housing, multinuclear 1H/19F/X, high resolution CP-MAS probe is equipped for polymeric materials study.

An inverse triple resonance multinuclear (TBI) 5 mm probe with X,Y,Z-gradient coil is dedicated for liquid state protein study. A dual probe (DUL) with 5 mm sample diameter is equipped for observing 19F and decoupling 1H.

Accessories also include a Micro2.5 microimaging probe and a Diff30 Z-diffusion pulsed gradient diffusion double resonance probed.

Dr. Ba and Dr. Ali Jabalameli (the NMR Facility Manager) posing before the 600 WB NMR.

This is the 600WB NMR's room with the NMR on the left, click here for a larger image.

AVANCE DRX 400 NMR Spectrometer

This spectrometer has a Bruker 400 standard bore superconducting magnet (field at 9.40 Tesla), and an AVANCE DRX 400 console with three channels.

Probes include a Doty XC5 triple resonance CP-MAS probe and a Bruker double resonance CP-MAS 7 mm probe for solid state high resolution applications, and inverse double resonance 5 mm, double resonance 5 mm, QNP 5 mm and double resonance 10 mm Bruker probes for liquid state high resolution applications.

EMX EPR spectrometer

This EPR spectrometer consists of an ER 073 10” magnet, an ER 041 XG Microwave X-band solid state bridge, an ER 4123D dielectric resonator, and an ER 4112HV liquid helium variable temperature system.