Technology Loan Programs FAQ

General Information

There are no fees associated with the Technology Loan Program. Students can borrow the devices for free. 

Yes. Students who do not have a Cal State LA ID/OneCard will still be allowed to check out equipment. Please be prepared to show another form of photo ID or your CIN during pick-up. 

Please visit the Technology Returns page for more information about return deadlines based on student status, and for steps to return your equipment.

Technology Returns

Yes. Please save the box your borrowed equipment came in. You will need it when you return the item(s) you borrowed. 

No. According to the Technology Borrowing Agreement terms, students are to use the loaned equipment for Cal State LA course-related tasks only. 

To learn more, access:

Technology Borrowing Agreement

No. According to the Technology Borrowing Agreement terms, the equipment is to be used only by the borrower. 

To learn more, access:

Technology Borrowing Agreement

Currently enrolled Cal State LA students are eligible for this technology loan program. 

Yes, students may send a designee in their place to pick up or return equipment. Please be sure to email [email protected] to inform us at least 24 hours before your appointment time.

Include your name, CIN, and your selected preferred pick-up date/time along with the full name of the person who will be picking up the technology in your place.

No. All laptops and hotspots must be checked out in person.

If you missed your preferred pick-up or return time, you can come to any other open distribution session.  Just let the staff member assisting you know what your original date and time were, so they can quickly locate your records.

To see open distribution times, visit Technology Pick-Up and open Step 2 to see available dates and times. 

Technology Pick-Up

If you are not available during any listed time, you may email [email protected] to discuss options for an alternate appointment time for your pick-up or return.

Students who receive loaned technology do so under the terms of the Technology Borrowing Agreement.

Technology Borrowing Agreement

Laptop Information

Students will receive a Windows PC Lenovo Thinkpad.

Yes, students may save files on borrowed laptops. However, it is advisable to save important documents/files on an external drive or cloud-based drive in case the laptop experiences technical difficulties. 

For instructions on how to set up the laptop and for more information on the software available for students to download for home use at no extra cost please visit the Information Technology Services (ITS) page on setting up your PC. This software includes Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, as well as Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

Set-Up Guide

Should you require additional information on software and support services, please visit: Information Technology Services (ITS)  

Hotspot Information

Unfortunately, the 2022-2023 Hotspot program has concluded and hotspots are no longer available to be loaned out.  Please refer to the available resources for internet connection below.

All hotspots loaned out during the 2022-2023 academic year must be returned at the end of each semester by June 2, 2023.

Please review the following resources for available internet access programs: 

  • Excess Telecom's mission is to deliver affordable and accessible premium wireless service across America, bringing connectivity to those who need it most.

Check out Excess Telecom

  • The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a U.S. government program run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program to help low-income households pay for internet service and connected devices.

Check out the Affordable Connectivity Program

  • Everyone On: Provides a comprehensive, updated list of low-cost internet offers by zip code.

Visit Everyone On

  • Human-I-T: a non-profit and social enterprise that creates equitable access to opportunity by providing devices, internet access, digital skills training, and tech support for communities affected by the digital divide.

Explore Human-I-T

  • Los Angeles Public Library:  Tech 2 Go Program provides computer bundles, equipped with a Chromebook device and an internet hotspot for long-term use to library card holder patrons. 

Learn more about Tech 2 Go  

  • LA County Libraries:  Laptop and Hotspot Program, Adults with a standard adult library card in good standing will be able to check out a Chromebook kit and wireless hotspot to access the internet (plus chargers) inside a handy carrying case at participating libraries.

Read more about the Laptop and Hotspot Program 

iPad Bundle

New first-year and transfer students entering Cal State LA during the 2022-2023 academic year are eligible.

To begin the process, please complete the registration form on the Cal State LA CSUCCESS page.

Visit the CSUCCESS page

Eligible students will receive an email indicating when they can pick up their bundle.  Students are notified based on the order in which they submitted the form.

Students will receive:

  • 64 GB iPad Air
  • Apple Smart Keyboard Folio
  • Apple Pencil
  • Student technology support from their campus

Note: With a keyboard attachment and pencil, this technology bundle is comparable to a laptop.

Distribution will vary by campus, with the goal of students having their devices into the semester during which they applied.  Application review for eligibility requirements and distribution is conducted in the order in which students applied.  For more information, please visit the Cal State LA CSUCCESS website.


The loan program lasts during the duration of your undergraduate education at Cal State LA.

More information can be found on both the Cal State LA CSUCCESS website and the The California State University system CSUCCESS website:



No, you should only come to campus once you have received confirmation that your iPad Bundle is ready for pick-up.

Please check for additional future pick-up times using the button below.  Please advise the staff who assists you that you missed your original pick-up time upon your arrival.

Technology Pick Up Times

*Scroll to Technology Pick-Up and select Step 2 to see times and dates

Students will need to connect to Wi-Fi to get on the internet, make calls and send/receive emails on their iPads. The iPads are Wi-Fi only models and are not equipped with cellular data service.

The CSU continues to work with both public and private partners to support the expansion of broadband access across the State of California. 

Try rebooting the iPad (turning it on and off again) and once it’s been rebooted try the setup process again.  You may need a stronger Wi-Fi signal to complete the setup.  If you still have issues, please visit the Information Technology Services (ITS) page on setting up your iPad.

Set-Up Guide


Yes, you are eligible for a laptop as well.  You do not need to complete a separate application form.  Just let us know when you pick up your iPad that would like to add the laptop to your checkout process.

For troubleshooting support, please visit our Troubleshooting, Exchanges, & Upgrades page for more information on the steps you need to take.

Please note that damaged iPads in need of repair may take up to 10 business days or more for repair with the ITS team.  While your damaged iPad is being repaired, due to our current inventory, no immediate replacement will be made.  Damaged iPads will only be replaced after all repair attempts have been made and at the discretion of the IT HelpDesk and Dean of Students office.

Returning Equipment

Please visit the Technology Returns page for more information on how to return your equipment. Follow the steps to select your preferred return date and time. 

Technology Returns

All technology returns will take place from the Dean of Students Office, located in the Student Services Building, on the fourth-floor room 4380.

In order to avoid additional damage to the equipment or loss, we cannot accept shipped items nor reimburse shipment costs. 

Defective, Damaged, or Lost Equipment

All loaned technology equipment that is malfunctioning or defective must be addressed by the University.  Unauthorized off-campus repairs made by external parties will not be reimbursed. Please visit our Trouble Shooting, Exchanges, and Upgrades page to review troubleshooting tips and steps on submitting a ServiceNow ticket. 

Visit the Troubleshooting, Exchanges, and Upgrades page

Any damage sustained to devices needs to be reported to the Information Technology Services (ITS) department, by submitting a ServiceNow ticket.  Once the ticket is submitted, you will receive an incident report number (INC).  If the damage is superficial, and you can continue using your device as intended, no further action needs to be taken.  If the damage is impacting the function of the device negatively, you would need to follow the process for requesting an exchange of equipment, which includes having the INC.

Submit a ServiceNow ticket

  • Log in with your MyCalStateLA ID account
  • On the homepage, click on Can We Help You?, then click on Report an Incident   
  • Complete all fields with a red * and click Submit. 

Request an exchange of equipment

Lost or stolen devices need to be reported to the Information Technology Services (ITS) department, by submitting a ServiceNow ticket.  Once the ticket is submitted, you will receive an incident report number (INC).  If you are seeking a replacement for the missing item, you will need to email The Dean of Students Office ([email protected]) and provide your INC number.  Replacement items are subject to availability of technology, with priority going to students who have not previously received technology, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  There is no guarantee of replacement for lost or stolen items.

Submit a ServiceNow ticket

  • Log in with your MyCalStateLA ID account
  • On the homepage, click on Can We Help You?, then click on Report an Incident   
  • Complete all fields with a red * and click Submit. 

No, the CSUCCESS program only provides one iPad bundle per eligible student, so we do not have replacement items available on campus.  Students can contact AppleCare to see if their item(s) can be repaired or replaced.  

Please call 877-218-1190 (AppleCare Enterprise Support) for any Apple product support including iPad (hardware and software) for free. Be prepared to provide iPad serial number at the back of the device and Campus Pin #3465.