Food Pantry - Ordering Online

How to order a Food Pantry grocery bag and schedule your in-person pick-up.

Step 1: Select a Bag

Enter household information, select a bag that meets your dietary restrictions and enter your CIN.

Please note the selection date at the top, you will need this later when scheduling your pick-up.

 Online form for weekly Food Pantry curbside services. The selection date at the top is circled in red.Arrow point to form fields for Household Famiy Size, Pantry, CIN Number and Checkout.

Step 2: Secure Checkout

Enter your name and contact information in "Secure Checkout."

Online form for Secure Checkout. Arrows point to form fields for Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and phone number and one arrow points to a Next button.


Step 3: Schedule Pick-up

To schedule your appointment, make sure you select "Schedule for later." Choose from the days indicated at the beginning of the order form.

If you select outside of the date range indicated, your order will be canceled and you will have to resubmit your order.

Online form for scheduling curbside pickup. A red X is over the radio button for As soon as possible. Red arrows point to day and time options, a radio button for Request curbside pickup and form field where you can input your car's make and model.

Step: 4: Place Order

Payment information will be skipped. Enter dietary restrictions or other notes. Upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation. All order notifications will be sent via email and text, so please be alert!

End of the online form. A field at the top says No billing required. There a form field for notes. A red arrow point to a Place Order button.