Cal State LA Student Organization Scholarships

In accordance with Administrative Procedure 800, all student organization on-campus scholarship programs must conform to established university requirements.  Organizations will be required to establish appropriate accounts with the Cal State LA Foundation and will be required to follow the university’s established scholarship application, review, selection, and funding processes and procedures.   All organizations, including those with University-Student Union Student Organization Accounts and those who have been approved and exempted to have off-campus accounts, must comply with this procedure.  

If your organization is interested in establishing a new scholarship program or needs to formalize a previous program to these new requirements please contact the Center for Student Involvement as soon as possible in order to start this process.  We encourage you to start this process as soon as possible in order to meet established deadlines.  All planned scholarship programs must also comply with university policies and procedures as it relates to proceeds to benefit transactionscash handling, and private external fundraising and must follow all established processes.  

For more information please contact the Center for Student Involvement via email [email protected].