Academic Supply and Textbook Support

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Program Overview

Academic Supply and Textbook Support is available to any Cal State LA student who is enrolled in a degree-seeking program.  Academic Supply and Textbook Support is available for use in-person at the campus bookstore and has no cash value.  Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below to ensure you are aware of the program guidelines and eligibility prior to applying.  The application will be open until February 3, 2023.  The first round of application review will begin on January 26.

Support Amounts

Support is awarded based on eligibility and enrolled credits during the semester support is applied for.  The current support amounts are:

Undergraduate Students

Part-Time Enrollment (1-11 units):  $125

Full-Time Enrollment (12+ units):  $250

Graduate Students

Part-Time Enrollment (1-7 units):  $125

Full-Time Enrollment (8+ units):  $250


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I received support and in what dollar amount?

Students who are eligible for support will receive an email from the Office of the Dean of Students advising them of the dollar amount and the date their funds will be available for use in the campus bookstore.

Anticipated review schedule:  

Applications received by 12 pm on 1/26/23 will be reviewed 1/26 and 1/27 and sent for processing by EOB 1/27.  Students should receive email notifications mid-week of the following week, and funds should be available in the bookstore by 2/3.

Applications received by 12 pm on 2/2/23 will be reviewed 2/2 and 2/3 and sent for processing by EOB 2/3.  Students should receive email notifications mid-week of the following week, and funds should be available in the bookstore by 2/10.

Applications received after 12 pm on 2/2 will be reviewed the following week.

How do I receive my support?

A credit will be available to students upon checkout in the campus bookstore.  This credit has no cash value.  

Students who receive an email stating they have received support must bring either a printout of the email or a screenshot on a mobile device to show at checkout along with their Golden Eagle OneCard.  The bookstore will have a list of students with approved funding and will cross-check the information upon checking out any purchases.

What if my purchase exceeds the amount of support I have been awarded?

If a purchase exceeds the amount of support, the student will be responsible for paying the remaining balance of the purchase.

What if my purchase is less than the amount awarded?

Students can use their support at any time prior to the Program End Date (4/28/23) during the semester support is granted, so you may make several purchases with your support.

What happens if I don’t use my support during the semester in which it was awarded?

Any unused support will be returned to the program to be redistributed to future applicants.  Unused support will be unavailable once the campus bookstore closes on Friday, April 28th, 2023.  This is the last day you may use your support for the spring 2023 semester. 

How long after I apply should I expect to wait before I get an email notifying me if I’m approved for support?

Please allow up to two weeks for email notification of approval.  Applications are reviewed once per week (Thursday afternoon) and manually reviewed before being sent to the bookstore.  It may take 1-2 business days for the bookstore to apply funding and notify the program that your funds are ready.  Our goal is to have funding available the Friday after application. 

What kind of supplies can I purchase with this support?

This support should be primarily used for textbooks, however, students can purchase some basic supplies including writing utensils, paper/notebooks, highlighters, etc. in addition to course-required textbooks.

What bookstore items are prohibited from being purchased with this support?

Students cannot purchase food or drinks, Cal State LA gear, printers, laptops/tablets, USBs, calculators, backpacks, headphones, other major tech/electronic purchases or other non-basic academic supplies.

How often can I apply for and receive Academic Supply and Textbook Support?

Students can apply each semester but will only be awarded support once in an Academic Year, once support is awarded it can not be awarded again until a future Academic Year. 

Please note – being awarded has nothing to do with whether or not the support is used.  If you are awarded and do not use your support before the cutoff date (4/28/23), the funds do NOT roll over and you cannot be awarded support again until the next Academic Year.

What happens if I decide to return an item/items I purchased using Academic Supply and Textbook Support?

Because the support credit at the bookstore has no cash value, you may return an item or items you purchased using the support provided, but no funds will be returned to you either physically (cash) or credited to your support balance.  Once support is spent on a purchase, it is gone regardless of return.  All purchases made using support should be considered final.

Can I use this support as a way to pay myself back for a previous purchase at the bookstore?

The support is given to students as a bookstore credit with no cash value, and can only be used on new purchases.  No money will be given to recipients of this support, so it is not a good way to reimburse yourself for past purchases.  The support can be used up until April 28th, 2023 for textbooks and basic academic supplies.

Can I use my support for online bookstore purchases?

No, the support is a credit on your student account and is only redeemable in person at the campus bookstore.  You must bring your Golden Eagle OneCard and your emailed letter of approval from the Office of the Dean of Students to the bookstore to receive your support.

Will this program be available in future semesters?

Yes, while this program is brand new for spring 2023, we plan to offer this program during the 2023-2024 academic year as well.  Students can receive support once per academic year.  We also plan to open the fall 2023 application in late spring, and funding will be awarded and available for use the week prior to the start date of the semester.  Please note this program is not available during summer or winter intersession.

How can I check my balance/remaining funds?

Students cannot check their balance/remaining funds with our office.  Students will need to retain their receipts from their purchases and track their own spending.

Apply for Academic Supply and Textbook Support

The Academic Supply and Textbook Support program is paused at this time.  We are evaluating all applications and ensuring all eligible applicants receive their support.  The program will re-open for the Fall 2023 semester at a later date.